Monday, August 13, 2007

God: Terrorist of Love (2 min)

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Anonymous said...

my english is a little bad, but good enoth to tell this peace of shit religius idiot to hang him self on a tree or throw him in the river. For the benefit of mankind. He is such an curupt kristian fool. What is wrong with the lesbian an gey what the fuck people are you all idiots. what harm does lesbian or gays do. They work and pay taxes yust like you, but the chirch don't. Dont let yourself wash your brains away with such crap, thing with your own head. What did chirch done good in the history the killed and torchured too many people... but the god did not punsihed them. Why? Becouse there is no god, God is a pruduct of peole imagination and all peace of shit religions in this world also. There are so many religions Why? Becouse the point in all religion is to control the masses and make peole smaller and stupidier.