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Scientology and Me- Panorama (BBC) (29 min)

There, now no one can say that I pick on Christianity.

This is one strange, harmful cult. It is very amusing to me that so many celebrities are so involved in this. John Travolta, Tom Cruise, and the other famous people are covered briefly in the first video. There are a number of websites stating what this strange cult believes. Many of them talk about the ridiculous dogma they secretly believe in, that an intergalactic warlord blew up billions of aliens in pre-historic Earth's volcanoes using hydrogen bombs, and that these alien spirits are flying around, infecting our minds and bodies. Of course, you won't get any of them to admit that to a lay person. I'm sure that they feel we are not ready to hear the truth without having undergone their "auditing" process, through which they can brainwash us, and then they can say anything and it won't sound quite so ridiculous.

Another way they get people to believe all of this nonsense, is to charge such obscene amounts to progress in the organization. It's small amounts at first, and it then gets progressively more expensive. This then creates a 'perceived value' in the person spending the money. By the time you start finding out this stuff about aliens and spirits inhabiting us, you have already spent thousands and thousands of dollars. This would lead us to think, "I've spent $60,000 learning about this, and now they're telling me about space aliens. Well, either I'm a total moron for having spent a fortune on this nonsense or they are right. I'll choose the latter, please."

I'm also amazed by these people who will take these stories concocted by modern people and just believe them. How do they distinguish between which nut is right and which is wrong? Jim Jones, David Koresh, Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, Joseph Smith, L Ron Hubbard, etc. What makes one of these guys right and the other wrong? They all have the same amount of evidence to back up their claims (none). Of course, this can easily be extended out to more popular world religions. Like the bumper sticker says, "Religions are just cults with more members."

Hopefully no scientologist will declare, "fair game" on me and try to sully my reputation. Luckily, I just cleansed my system with a big Thetan-dump this morning, and I'm feeling pretty good now.

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