Saturday, January 26, 2008

DNA vs. The Book of Mormon (50 min)

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beorn said...


you know what i find the most wonderfully ironic thing about all of this. It's the very same genetic evidence that proves that Joseph Smith is a huckster, that also shows that the creators of this video are peddling falsities. I don't suppose that the host or narrator of this documentary was an evolutionist. And yet it is the very same genetic evidence that condemns the book of mormon, that we find validating evolutionary claims about the history of life on this planet. In fact, it's the strongest evidence we have for believing this. So even as they accuse the mormons of picking and choosing how they use genetic evidence, they are doing the EXACT same thing. In the end, they are all losers. I don't mean that figuratively. They are all losers in the face of scientific enquiry.