Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Doomsday Code (Channel 4) (100 min)


Anonymous said...

In this 21st century of advanced science & technology; state-of-the-art medical inventions,and medical discoveries (DNA etc,) it is indeed perplexing you can still find idiots believing in the supernatural- apocalypse & other bullshit, written thousands of years ago by different illiterate barbarians of the time. The young minds of the modern generation will be retarded if they are poisoned with such potent lies.The faith in Nature, scientific inquiry and reasoning is the way to real progress!

Universalgeni said...

I have a category thread on my blog with a lot of Ayaan Hirsi Ali videos in it. Many more than is found her. :-)

My blog is en Danish but just look for the screenshots and the word HER. The video link is under that word - it means "here". :mrgreen:

All the videos are in English.

Here is the link: