Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bill Maher on Larry King: 'Faith' Is Dumb! (4 min)

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Anonymous said...

Human intelligence is a deadly trait in urbanisation of species. It is best meant for eking out a living in raw nature. But now, the only hunter-gathering that can be done in out teaming cities is to ‘hunt each other’ by our natural instincts. Any leap in learning can only execerbate that. For Maher and others to think that being more informed will solve that is wistful thinking. It is sad that this atheist fails to see that religion is meta-intelligence: the realisation that the trait to help us survive and out-survive other species is the very trait we will use to out-survive each other. A deadlier self-destruction than surviving in nature! No wonder our nearest cousin species have refused to evolve to our level and so has Africa.

“And now there ramains faith, hope and charity (love), but the greatest of these is charity!” (1Cor 13:13). Charity is no divide divide & rule, red/blue, black/white (i’m black), super/banana, rich… What do the rich want? How many stomachs has Halliburton to trot the globe breaking & owning? They’ve handed Iraq to Iran on a silver plater, with a regional stretch of Shia majority able to develop nuclear weapons as the only answer to our owning half the region. What goes round, comes round. Do we think they somehow have half brains, unable to see that there is no love on earth? Even so, is a full brain with a nuclear bomb any more secure than a half-brain suicide bomber who is ready to wrestle at being the first to pull the bomb’s lever?
Islam is not the problem, neither is the Pope. The problem is atheists like, racists, greedies, etc. who fail to have faith in a greater god than self.