Wednesday, April 16, 2008

List of Scientists Rejecting Evolution- Do they really? Analysis of Discovery Institute (10 min)


Anonymous said...

Did you have to become a complete idiot, and a dupe, especially at the end of your 10 minute clip ?
There are only 300 million people in the USA, and you cite some supposedly authoritative body who claims there are well over 3 million "biological scientists" in the US of "Jesus" - as you so pahetically put it ?
That's one out of every 100 people, let alone a higher number of adults, who are "biological scientists" - according to "your research" - that YOU presented.
Then, not only do you fall stupid for such a ridiculous number, but you pathetically then compare the 101 or just the 2 you considered valid, to the gigantically overblown 3+ million number, AS IF, you had somehow confirmed in query the other "3 million +" position on "your" side of the argument.
I have to say, it's fools like you that make the argument such a pathetic joke, and essentially discredit your side as badly as the other has done to itself in similar fashion and form.
It would be refreshing if you didn't just cite a few scientific phrases then claim your opponent as you said " I had to wonder how much scientific knowledge he had" concerning evolution " - but actually made a few points pro and con, then told us why you fall on the side of evolution, ot common descent as you so fondly put it.
It gets real old when all we in the public hear is a bunch of snotty liars and statistical jerkoffs who are duped by ridiculous numbers they present even for their own side - and claim some sort of substantial victory based upon what they claim- "as a scientist" - are the "opinions of the vast majority" that "are absolutely correct" and are "on my side" - or some other sort of pathetic stance such as that.
Perhaps explaining how REAL scientists think that the number of chromosomes in a cell can actually change - go up - for instance, by some mutation or chance occurence, would be time better spent.
Even idiots have to wonder why those publicly claiming only fools don't believe in evolution, never seem to want to make any sort of explanation of the facts. Simple references to "the fossil record" won't do, will they ? Have they ?
Ideas like the camoflauge the white/grey moth breeds on the sooty side of early Chicago factories don't do it for anyone, let alone "Bible Believers", either.
What they want to know is how one gets to so many different species, or how some "mutation" is so great, such as a single cell suddenly mutating to "twins" , then a bunch of "twins" and other singles "deciding to group inot that big megacell" that the evolutionists point out "we are made of"...
People think that a glob of many different single cells all bollixing together suddenly to form a complex "supercell" is so unlikely that "billions upon billions" of chances per second for eons "deosn't cut it".
You people would do well explaining these things, instead of just saying " this is how we think it happened" or how "it must have happened" - since we are here... You, after all are those claiming to be so elegantly educated in these matters. Hearing that brag, without the resulting capability of transmitting or teaching that learning with a convincing laymans discourse that can help Believers to understand you might have something, is apparently not a very oft practiced skill.
In fact, it is so often entirely absent, and the preferred method of "you're an uneducated idiot" is so often the actual argumentation and stance, that one certainly suspects, quite accurately - apparently, that not even advocates have a grasp on their theoretical belief concerning evolution.
Like I said, it doesn't take much to destroy credibility - and believing the 3M mo-bio line you quakced out blew your credibility to pieces with me... not that you earned much anyway prior...
How can smart people back you up- when you make such an enourmous mistake ?
3 plus million ? out of 300 million ? 1 in 100 - nevermind excluding children.. ?
How could you be so easily duped ?
Has the "evidence" you've been studying, or that which has been crammed down your throat for evolution, been just as shoddy, and you "swallowed it whole" out of stupidity ? Was it a momentary brain fart from an otherwise careful thinker? One can imagine "Believers" dismissing you for that stupidity... quite easily.
I know I'm finding it difficult not to, although I absolutely have worshipped science my entire life, and DEMAND it be discussed and disseminted to the masses properly and effectively.
Good luck, and polish it up !

Anonymous said...

1) Its called a sample.
2) 3 million according to the US DOL. Thats 'some random source' rofl...