Monday, April 14, 2008

Taking Out The Cosmological Argument (9 min)

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Anonymous said...

Your error comes in several places, one being citing the first law of thermodymanics.
Second and largely so, your assumtion that time doesn't exist without matter present, which is merely used (matter) as a means of you "measuring" your material ideation of time. Removing the material, mass, matter, energy -etc., doesn't STOP time, but merely prohibits you from using a reference for measuring it's passing, by observing what one claims to be "change" in the state thereof.
One has to be man enough to admit, that time may in fact be present even if matter or energy isn't around to "keep track of it".
Religionists are not so far off where you claim to be - and it is obvious to me that neither of you really has an explanation that anyone can actually accept, or even really claim to understand, but you both make many, many statements which can be easily and logically refuted, even as you both claim "your rules" are the irrefutable truth.
No, neither of you have it, and time doesn't look to be telling it's secrets to any of us.
What remains is: mysterious
And likely will always be.
Time does not stop or start when "the big bang begins" or ends.
Time is present, wether or not you have a reference of measurement.
The bottom line is, NEITHER of you have the answer.
PS- Don't pretend you don't know what I mean, concerning "both your sides".
PSS - Your music was ok, but in the end it was distracting. Up your game and let's have some commentary in there instead.
Good luck thinking.