Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Christopher Hitchens vs. Frank Turek- Does God Exist? (131 min)

Turek vs. Hitchens Debate: Does God Exist? from Andrew on Vimeo.


Brian said...

Full MP3 Audio of the debate between Christopher Hitchens and Frank Turek can be found here at

Kumar said...

Hitchens was appaling in this debate and did not directly many of the questions raised by Turek. Looks like Hitchens have a weak base in physics and biology

Anonymous said...

I think Hitchens is a brilliant man, and I loved "God is not Great."

Having said that... he lost this debate horribly. I'm not sure if he addressed any of Turek's questions or points (which could have been easily refuted).

A debate about the veracity of Christianity? Hitchens is your man. However, in a debate about the existence of god... give me Dawkins or Dennet. Actally, I'd like to see Matt Dillahunty up there.

Mark said...

They both make their own points, and somewhat talk past each other.
Mr. Turek asks some very foggy questions like 'how do you get something from nothing without a cause?' The number of presumptions in that question are many, including the presumption that science posits no cause. That could even be said to be a red herring, as it misrepresents what scientific views are anyway.

And on it goes with such tautology.

Another weak tactic is his use of irrelevant analogies - Thus he attempts to answer a question of the universe' heat death with'the typewriter'. Hmmm Oh yes, because a typewriter was designed, it is an analogy to the universe. Of course!!
What brilliant thinking....NOT.