Monday, December 31, 2007

Homosexuality in Animals (5 min)

It's a miracle! (3 min)

God milk? (6 min)

Wife Beating in Islam - Only a rod will help! (3 min)

I am God - Nick Gisburne (10 min)

Jonestown Cult Suicides: The True Story (50 min)

TAM 2- A panel discussion. James Randi, Phil Plait, Hervey Peoples, Bob Park, Michael Shermer, Steve Berret, Eugenie Scott, Penn & Teller (100 min)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Salvation mountain (4 min)

Margaret Downey on Fox & Friends (Fox) (4 min)

Pope Benedict's Shortcut Through Purgatory (2 min)

Religion, Politics, and the 2008 Election (FORAtv) (100 min)

The Best Bar Mitzvah Speech Ever! (2 min)

The Separation of Church and State- by John F. Kennedy (1 min)

Army Specialist Threatened: Murder for being Atheist (Freethought Radio) (15 min)

Father Johnathan Morris on The Golden Compass (Fox) (3 min)

FOX on The Golden Compass (4 min)

Olbermann Dissects Romney's Mormon Speech (6 min)

Thomas Paine: Champion of Freedom and Reason

Worst Person in the World: Theocracy/Mike Huckabee (MSNBC) (2 min)

Faith rest ye mindless morons (Music) (3 min)

"Bible Stories Your Parents Never Taught You"- Mike Earl (Book Reading)

Jihad: Christian Priest Burned to Death in Nigeria (3 min)

Westboro Chruch Press Release (1 min)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ramachandran, the Temporal Lobes and God (11 min)

A Crafty, Talking Serpent? Do you take Genesis literally? (5 min)

Homosexuality and Christianity (10 min)

Faith and Reason (30 min)

God Kills People? (10 min)

The Atheist Test (5 min)

Is the Bible Authentic? (10 min)

God is love? (30 min)

Why are you an atheist? (5 min)

Morality- Do we need god to be good? (30 min)

Is the law of the Lord perfect? (20 min)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Greydon Square- "Pandora's Box" (Music) (2 min)

Greydon Square- "Roots" (Music) (4 min)

Greydon Square- "Addressed" (Music) (4 min)

Greydon Square- Interview with the Institute for Humanist Studies (1/21/07) (11 min)

Greydon Square Interview on 1670AM Madison (11 min)

Christopher Hitchens on The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe (12 min)

Greydon Square- Skeptics Guide To The Universe Interview (22 min)

Say - Greydon Square (Music) (4 min)

Michael Savage rant gets Terror group in unroar (5 min)

Michael Shermer Firewalking Across Hot Coals (6 min)

Richard Dawkins at AAI 07 (57 min)

'Growing Up in the Universe' Ep 5: The Genesis of Purpose (Richard Dawkins) (58 min)

'Growing Up in the Universe' Ep 4: The Ultraviolet Garden (Richard Dawkins) (55 min)

'Growing Up in the Universe' Ep 3: Climbing Mount Improbable (Richard Dawkins) (58 min)

'Growing Up in the Universe' Ep 2: Designed and Designoid Objects (Richard Dawkins) (58 min)

'Growing Up in the Universe' Ep 1: Waking Up in the Universe (Richard Dawkins) (58 min)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Micro vs. Macro Evolution- you can't believe in one without the other (5 min)

Steven Pinker: A brief history of violence (TED) (21 min)

Proving the Leprechaun- Theists' best argument applies to anything! (1 min)

Ministry on the Street - Pastor CJ - Way of the Banana (3 min)

What's wrong with religion? (3 min)

God and the Hitler Oath (1 min)

Salman Rushdie interview with Bill O'Reilly (4 min)

Salman Rushdie Lecture (8 min)

Salman Rushdie Interview on KBPS (10-13-05) (9 min)

Thank God I'm an Atheist! (Music) (2 min)

Lori Lipman Brown on Bill O'Reilly (12/7/07) Fox) (6 min)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Eugenie Scott: Intelligent Design & YE Creationism (2007) (AAI) (60 min)

Rowan Atkinson Amazing Jesus (4 min)

Not So Great Minds- Vile quotes from some very godly people (6 min)

Banned From The Bible- Part I & II (History Channel) (90 min each)

Compilation of Quotes from Landover Baptist Church Pastor Deacon Fred

Philippe Starck: Why design? (18 min)

Mitt Romney's Speech - Faith In America (24 min)

Huckabee: Divine Providence Helps My Poll Numbers (1 min)

Sam Harris vs. Rabbi David Wolpe- Does God Exist? (11/6/07) (100 min)

Mormonism & American Politics: Noah Feldman (FORAtv) (60 min)

700 Club: Interstate 35 fulfills bible prophecy to "heal" gays? Pat Robertson (5 min)

Bill O'Reilley: The War on Christmas Continues (Fox) (5 min)

Will Smith's revealing interview on religion (3 min)

Keith Olbermann on Sherrie Shephard- Idiot of the year (MSNBC) (1 min)

Robert Full: Secrets of movement, from geckos and roaches (TED) (20 min)

Larry King Live: Creflo Dollar- televangelist crook (CNN) (10 min)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Kathy Griffin responds to the right-wing backlash over her Emmy acceptance speech joke (9 min)

Chimps vs Humans photographic memory test (1 min)

Ben Stein on Glenn Beck's show about Intelligent Design (CNN) (5 min)

Margaret Downey- Atheists' 'Tree of Knowledge' Display (Fox) (7 min)

Richard Land on Mitt Romney and Mormonism- Hannity & Colmes (Fox) (3 min)

Beyond Belief - Enlightment 2.0- (2007)

October 31: Session 1 of 2
October 31: Session 2 of 2
November 1: Session 1 of 2
November 1: Session 2 of 2
November 2: Session 1 of 1

The View on teddy bear blasphemy in Sudan (ABC) (3 min)

Christopher Hitchens On Morning Joe (12/3/07) (MSNBC) (10 min)

Dewey on God - Malcolm In the Middle (2 min)

Dinesh D'Souza - Fox News Hannity & Colmes Interview (10/30/07) (5 min)

Dinesh D'Souza - Fox News The Big Story w/ Gibson and Nauert (4 min)

Dinesh D'Souza - Fox News Hannity & Colmes Interview (9 min)

Daniel Dennett vs Dinesh D'Souza- "God is a manmade invention" (140 min)

David Horowitz's Demons: Islamofascism Awareness Week 2007 (6 min)

Theocracy Now! At the Value Voters Summit 2007 (8 min)

Michael Shermer vs Douglas Jacoby- Does God Exist? (6/23/07) (70 min)

Allan Gregg Interviews Richard Dawkins (16 min)

Watch Video

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Anderson Cooper 360 (CNN) (4 min)

Watch Video

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Danish TV (8 min)

George Carlin- I used to be Irish Catholic (11 min)

Mormonism & American Politics: Early Encounters (120 min)

James Randi's message to the Hungarian Skeptics (8 min)

Christopher Hitchens - MilĂȘnio (25 min)

A short segment about 'Honor Killings' in Turkey (5 min)

Fox- American Atheists on Hannity & Colmes (5 min)

Saudi Solutions- How to combine modernity and fundamentalist Islam (VPRO 2005) (77 min)

Jim Norton on Islamophobia (5 min)

John Hartung- A Perspective on the Future of Mankind (25 min)

God Doesn't Exist? Prove It! (3 min)

LiveLeak Interview : What Would Jesus Buy? (20 min)

Clash of the Worlds - BBC- India, Sudan, Palestine

Bright Eyes- When the President Talks to God (Music) (3 min)

Michael Ruse vs. William Dembski in May 2005 (10 min)

Kevin Smith on 'Dogma' and Religion (14 min)

God's Cool Designs- Amazing what we see when we look at the design of humans (5 min)

God Wants You To Make Money! (4 min)

Frontline/PBS Documentary on "The Mormons." (6 min)

Watch the whole video here: Frontline/PBS Documentary on "The Mormons." (240 min)

Monday, December 3, 2007

Christopher Hitchens on Saul Bellow (CSPAN) (9 min)

Garry Wills - Was America Founded on Christianity?

Checkmate, Atheists! 10 absolute truths that prove christianity (4 min)

Allah Made Me Do It- Quotes from the Qur'an

Jimmy Kimmel Live - Finding Jesus (2 min)

Top ten Signs you might be a Fundamentalist Christian (2 min)

I Believe- what do atheists believe (to those who say atheists don't believe in anything) (3 min)

Servants to Allah- some quranic verses recited by some pious Muslims (2 min)

Christopher Hitchens at Freedom From Religion Foundation (60 min)

Racist Muslim: Kill White Women, Children, Babies (2 min)

Gone- music by Greydon Square (3 min)

The Bible Makes Perfect Sense... a list of Bible Contradictions (4 min)