Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fox News- Sam Harris on The O'Reilly Factor- Re: Religion (2004) (5 min)

MSNBC- Sam Harris with Tucker Carlson- Hot and Bothered (9/16/2006) (5 min)

MSNBC- Sam Harris on Scarborough Country with Richard Reed & Laura Ingraham (10/28/2004) (8 min)

Fox News- Richard Dawkins on The O'Reilly Factor (5 min)

Fox News- Three Fake Atheists - 1/2 Hour News Hour- Bad Acting/Worse Satire (5 min)

HBO- Bill Maher on Religion- Real Time (9/21/2007) (4 min)

ABC- Sherri Shepherd Doen't Believe in Evolution/ the Earth May Be Flat- The View (3 min)

FOX News- John Gibson of "My Word" on Fox News Says He's An Atheist (1 min)

ABC- Dan Barker, Freedom From Religion Foundation, Sam Harris- Discuss Religion (3 min)

ABC- Ayan Hirsi Ali on ABC News- Author of "Infidel", questions the validity of Islam (2 min)

CBS News- Michael J. Fox Makes Stem Cell Plea with Katie Couric (4 min)

CNN- Ayaan Hirsi Ali with Glenn Beck- Facing Fear (7 min)

WJXT- Shannon Spaulding's (Wolfson High School) Inappropriate Graduation Speech (3 min)

National Geographic- Thai Worshippers Impale Themselves As Part of a Spiritual Ritual (4 min)

Fox News- Ayaan Hirsi Ali on FOX News Sunday- Truth about Islam (3 min)

Richard Dawkins on The Late Late Shows, RTÉ 1, Ireland (28 min)

God's Warriors- Muslim- Christiane Amanpour (CNN) (90 min)

God's Warriors- Jewish- Christiane Amanpour (CNN) (90 min)