Saturday, October 20, 2007

Are Religious People Smarter?- Findings of Studies and Quotes From Great Men (7 min)

Muslim scholar on non-Muslim religious propagation (5 min)

Robert Spencer and Dinesh D'Souza Debate (12 min)

Gore Vidal- "Thats why Im an atheist not an agnostic..." (8 min)

Faking the rapture- Some stupid girl is pranked and thinks she was 'left behind' (6 min)

Bill Hicks Interview (4 min)

Televangelist Pat Robertson interviews Robert Spencer, the director of Jihad Watch, about his new book "The Truth About Mohammad" (8 min)

Hod Lipson: Robots That Are "Self-aware" (TED) (8 min)

Christopher Hitchens and AAI 07 (64 min)

American Dad Meets an Atheist (10 min)

Paul Rothemund: Casting spells with DNA (TED) (6 min)

Oral Roberts University President Denies Charges - Reuters (1 min)

Christopher Hitchens vs Alister McGrath- Religion in the Modern World: Poison or Cure? (100 min)

Julia Sweeney, Dawkins, and Dennett Award and Speech at AAI 2007 (76 min)

Richard Dawkins receives the Deschner Prize

Christopher Hitchens FFRF Talk- Receiving the 'Emperor Has No Clothes' Award (33 min)

Extreme Mormons - The Movie (3 min)

Young preacher talks evolution (3 min)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali at AAI 07 (50 min)

Christopher Hitchens on Freethought Radio (10/6/07) (18 min)

Christopher Hitchens on NPR's Morning Edition Radio (5 min)

Did Jesus Die? Historians and theologians reveal the latest theories (BBC) (60 min)

NBC- A.J. Jacobs, Author of 'Year of Living Biblically' on Conan (8 min)

Dispatches: Beneath The Veil (48 min)

Exorcism - National Geographic (5 min)

Bill Hicks- Christian fundamentalists and their strange beliefs (4 min)

Steven Pinker- A brief history of violence (TED)(21 min)

CNN- Eugenie Scott vs Frank Sherwin on Intelligent Design (2 min)

MSNBC- Roy Moore knows nothing about evolution (1 min)

Bill O'Reilly v. Paul Gross on Intelligent Design (10 min)

Air America- Pelosi, Stop Praying and Do Your Job- The Young Turks (4 min)