Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bill Maher on Mitt Romney (3 min)

HBO- Bill Maher Blasts Bush Employees From Pat Robertson's Law School (4 min)

Fox- KSFX News report on the Flying Spaghetti Monster (3 min)

PBS- Atheists on Religion & Ethics Newsweekly (1/7/07) (7 min)

Presidential Candidates- Would You Treat Non-religious Americans Equally? (2 min)

Is God Necessary for Ethics? Mark Hausam vs David Keller- University of Utah (4/13/07) (128 min)

Beyond Belief (10) 2006

Beyond Belief (9) 2006

Beyond Belief (8) 2006

Beyond Belief (7) 2006

Beyond Belief (6) 2006

Beyond Belief (5) 2006

Beyond Belief (4) 2006

Beyond Belief (3) 2006

Beyond Belief (2) 2006

Beyond Belief Conference- 2006

Dan Dennett Talks About "The Purpose Driven Life" (25.5 min)

Edward Tabash- "The Present Threat of the Religious Right" + Q&A (51 min)

Michael Shermer- Why People Believe Strange Things (13 min)

Susan Savage- The Bonobo Species (TED) (20 min)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Apologizes to Sir Salman Rushdie (3 min)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali- "Calling Things By Their Name" at the Aspen Ideas Festival (4 min)

Ellen Johnson at the 2006 Amazing Meeting- on Madalyn Murray-O'Hair (15 min)

James Randi - at Authors at Google (58 min)

Michael Newdow, In God We Trust- 2006 (75 min)

Sam Harris- "Believing the Unbelievable: The Clash Between Faith and Reason in the Modern World" (69 min)

Sam Harris - The End of Faith (CSPAN2) (81 min)

Michael Shermer- Engaging Believers (21 min)

Lawrence Krauss- The Conflict Between Science and Religion (21 min)

Bart Ehrman- Heyns Lecture Series: Misquoting Jesus- Stanford University (100 min)

Barbara Forrest: Inside Creationism's Trojan Horse- Center for Inquiry (70 min)

Richard Dawkins- "I'm an atheist, BUT..." (Presentaion + Q&A) (90 min)

Richard Dawkins- Call To Arms (TED) (30 min)

Richard Dawkins in Lynchberg- The God Delusion- Book Reading + Q&A (107 min)

Richard Dawkins at Kepler Books (52 min)

Richard Dawkins- at TED- "Queerer Than We Suppose: The Strangeness of Science." (23 min)

Richard Dawkins: Q&A "Atheism and the Future"- July 07 (28 min)

Christopher Hitchens- "God is Not Great" (65 min)

Christopher Hitchens in Seattle- Town Hall (75 min)

Christopher Hitchens- Discusses "God is Not Great..." at Authors at Google (68 min)

Christopher Hitchens- Freedom of Speech at the U of Toronto's Hart House Debating Club (20 min)

Christopher Hitchens at the 2006 Amazing Meeting- on Thomas Jefferson (10 min)

Christopher Hitchens: "God is not revealed, but man-made" (2 min)

Christopher Hitchens: The Moral Necessity of Atheism (77 min)

Christopher Hitchens- "We'd Be Better Off Without Religion" (12 min)

Chritopher Hitchens reads form "god is Not Great"- Chapter 3: Why Heaven Hates Ham (10 min)

Robert Price- "Pagan Parallels to Christ" (55 min)

Richard Dawkins- Richard Dimbleby Lecture- Science, Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder (1996) (40 min)

Lori Lipman Brown, Esq. Secular Coalition for America- Freethought Day 2006 (15 min)

TX State/Church Rally - Joe Zamecki, Blair Scott, Rabid Ape (13 min)

Sam Harris at Idea CIty 2005- Discussing "The End of Faith" (23 min)

"Science and Reason in Islam: An Illusion of Harmony"- Dr. Taner Edis (CFI) (188 min)

Margaret Downey at the Amazing Meeting- How to poke fun at superstition (10 min)

J. Anderson Thomson at AAI- "Suicide Terrorism" (9/282007) (75 min)