Friday, December 7, 2007

Eugenie Scott: Intelligent Design & YE Creationism (2007) (AAI) (60 min)

Rowan Atkinson Amazing Jesus (4 min)

Not So Great Minds- Vile quotes from some very godly people (6 min)

Banned From The Bible- Part I & II (History Channel) (90 min each)

Compilation of Quotes from Landover Baptist Church Pastor Deacon Fred

Philippe Starck: Why design? (18 min)

Mitt Romney's Speech - Faith In America (24 min)

Huckabee: Divine Providence Helps My Poll Numbers (1 min)

Sam Harris vs. Rabbi David Wolpe- Does God Exist? (11/6/07) (100 min)

Mormonism & American Politics: Noah Feldman (FORAtv) (60 min)

700 Club: Interstate 35 fulfills bible prophecy to "heal" gays? Pat Robertson (5 min)

Bill O'Reilley: The War on Christmas Continues (Fox) (5 min)

Will Smith's revealing interview on religion (3 min)

Keith Olbermann on Sherrie Shephard- Idiot of the year (MSNBC) (1 min)

Robert Full: Secrets of movement, from geckos and roaches (TED) (20 min)

Larry King Live: Creflo Dollar- televangelist crook (CNN) (10 min)