Friday, August 10, 2007

Mormonisation- Nick Gisburne (36 min)

God is a Dummy (3 min)

Kissing Hank's Ass (7.5 min)

Flying Spaghetti Monster vs The Incredible Pink Unicorn (3 min)

George Carlin on MAD TV - Touched by an Atheist (3.5 min)

Magic man Doneit! (3.5 min)

The Atheist Delusion (3 min)

Atheist Nightmare- Ray Comfort's Intelligent (Banana) Design & A Rational Response (11 min)

Mr. Deity (37 min)

Joseph... You are NOT the Father (0.5 min)

Flirting with a Westboro Church man (4 min)

George Carlin - Defrags the 10 Commandments (7 min)

Irreverant, Very, Very Funny Songs by Roy Zimmerman (several songs)

Alexie Sayle- God Sketch (2 min)

Songs of Praise (With Subtitles) (2 min)

Jesus loves you (Conditionaly) (2.5 min)

Marcus Brigstocke's- 3 Abrahamic Faiths Rant- The Now Show (7/21/07) (8 min)

Holy Homosexuals- Archbishop eter Jensen is asked which parts of the Bible are still relevant (3 min)

Christianity vs Islam- Steven Colbert vs Steve Carell (3 min)

Jesus Christ the Musical (1 min)

Become An Athiest Today! (1 min)

South Park- "Go God Go!"

Religion ala Eddie Izzard (6 min)

George Carlin on Religion (10.5 min)

An Atheist Nearly Converts (5 min)

Bill Hicks Revelations - 1993 (HBO) (56 min)

My Wife Dumped Me For a Guy Named Jesus (3 min)

Jesus Was a Great Jewish Magician - Marc Maron (1 min)

Lewis Black- Fossils Are The Devil's Handiwork (4 min)

Submissive Jesus Ad (2 min)

Pastor Deacon Fred (Landover Baptist) Preaches to Thousands of Atheists- Hilarious Satire (10 min)

Jesus Answers More Questions at Comedy Club (4 min)

Jesus Does Standup (2 min)

Disclaimer for the Bible - Please Read (1 min)

Meter Maid Jesus (1 min)

Tribute to Kent Hovind- (Strong Language in This Video) (4 min)

Rowan Atkinson Comedy (several short sketches)

Atheism vs Ignorance- More Funny Cartoons (4 min)

Christianity 101- A Collection of Cartoons Critical of Christianity (3 min)

Bad, Mad and Possibly Illegal Church Signs (5 min)

Margaret Cho - Christians have lost their minds (7 min)

Hand of the Almighty by John Butler- God will f**k you up! (2 min)

Prank Calls to Religious Shows- (Disclaimer: I don't advocate prank calls)

Louis CK learns about the Catholic Church- The true purpose of the church (5 min)

Kyle Cease - Comics Unleashed- The immaculate conception and creation (1 min)

Joe Rogan - Noah's Ark- Rogan rips on the Noah's Ark story (4 min)

George Carlin: The Sanctity of Life and Religious Violence (4 min)

Pale Blue Dot (3.5 min)

Great Atheist Quotes (14 min)

Secular Quotes of Great People (10 min)

American Atheists- A Compilation of Accomplished Americans Who Happen To Be Atheists (9 min)

Julia Sweeney Letting Go of God (9 min)

Julia Sweeney: Letting Go of God (excerpt): (TED) (17 min)

Julia Sweeney's Deconversion Story (30 min)

Al-Jazeera- Wafa Sultan Speaks Out- Al-Jazeera (5.5 min)

Al-Jazeera- Wafa Sultan on Terrorism and Islam (7.5 min)

Ex-Christian Exposes Lying Evangelists (9 min)

ABC- 20/20- Enough!- Evangelists Exposed! (7 min)

Inside Edition- Peter Popoff is Bigger Than Ever (5 min)

NewsTalk- Atheist vs Christian: On School Prayer? (5 min)

CNN- Paula Zahn Now- Dawkins Talks Atheism (8 min)

Fox News: Growing Atheist Movement in America (8 min)

ABC- 20/20- The Price of Atheism (9.5 min)

Hindu Prayer Interrupted In Senate By Christians (1 min)

CNN- Lou Dobbs with Hitchens on Al Sharpton's Bigoted Remark (7 min)

MSNBC- GOD Hates Bibles! (1 min)

CNN- Michael Shermer vs William Dembski (6 min)

ABC- 20/20- Michael Shermer comments on John Edward (Medium) (9 min)

MSNBC- Bill Maher - Apathist - on Scarborough Country (10 min)

Fox news: God Under Attack (4 min)

CNN- Paula Zahn - Discrimination Against Atheists (9 min)

CNN- Larry King Live- Bill Maher- Making New Documentary Movie, "Religulous" (4 min)

GTV- Religion in American Politics- From "God in America" (8 min)

Fox News- Christopher Hitchens- Red Eye (4 min)

CNBC- Christopher Hitchens with Tim Russert and Jon Meacham (42 min)

Fox- Christopher Hitchens on Rev. Jerry Falwell's Death- Hannity & Colmes (10 min)

CNN- Christopher Hitchens on Rev. Jerry Falwell's Death- Anderson Cooper 360 (7 min)

CNN- Christopher Hitchens on Rev. Jerry Falwell's Death- Anderson Cooper 360 (7 min)

CNN- Christopher Hitchens on Rev. Jerry Falwell's Death- Paula Zahn Now (5/22/07) (6 min)

CNN- Paula Zahn Now- Ibrahim Hooper vs. Christopher Hitchens- Quran flushing controversy (16 min)

HBO- Real Time with Bill Maher- with Christopher Hitchens (6 min)

MSNBC- Christopher Hitchens on Hardball with Chris Matthews- on Princess Diana (9 min)

MSNBC- Scarborough Country- Christopher Hitchens on Christmas (6 min)

CSPAN2- BookTV- Christopher Hitchens- LA Times Festival of Books- Harms of religion (7 min)

CBS- "Sunday Morning" Julia Sweeney, Christopher Hitchens, and Ellen Johnson (8/19/07) (10 min)

CBS, MSNBC, HBO, ABC- Mother Teresa doubted the existence of God

CBS- News Interview With Joel Osteen- False Gospel? (4 min)

BBC Radio 4- Yet Another Case of Church Child Abuse (8 min)

BBC Radio- Richard Dawkins with John Cornwell- Discussed the "God Delusion" (6 min)

Iowa Democratic Debate - Personal God (6 min)

HBO- Real Time with Bill Maher (9/7/07)- Wiccan Lottery Winner, Christian Missionaries, etc (6 min)

CNN- Larry King Live- Ronald Prescott Reagan- "Comes Out" of the "Athiest Closet" (1 min)

CNN- Cafferty File- Americans Believe the Constitution Establishes a Christian Nation (2 min)

Emmy Awards- Kathy Griffin Disses Jesus-"Suck It, Jesus"(1 min) Then Censored on Fox (2 min)

Air America Radio- The Young Turks- GOP Presidential Candidates and Evolution (2 min)

Fox News- Nebraska State Senator Sues God (2 min)

Frontline News- The Fall of Religion? Europe is becoming less and less religious (4 min)

MSNBC- Scarborough Country with Bill Maher Rails on Religion (8 min)

Fox News- Brian Flemming with John Kasich on the Blasphemy Challenge (5 min)

*Fox News- Sam Harris on The O'Reilly Factor- Re: Assisted Suicide (3/31/2005) (6 min)