Monday, December 3, 2007

Christopher Hitchens on Saul Bellow (CSPAN) (9 min)

Garry Wills - Was America Founded on Christianity?

Checkmate, Atheists! 10 absolute truths that prove christianity (4 min)

Allah Made Me Do It- Quotes from the Qur'an

Jimmy Kimmel Live - Finding Jesus (2 min)

Top ten Signs you might be a Fundamentalist Christian (2 min)

I Believe- what do atheists believe (to those who say atheists don't believe in anything) (3 min)

Servants to Allah- some quranic verses recited by some pious Muslims (2 min)

Christopher Hitchens at Freedom From Religion Foundation (60 min)

Racist Muslim: Kill White Women, Children, Babies (2 min)

Gone- music by Greydon Square (3 min)

The Bible Makes Perfect Sense... a list of Bible Contradictions (4 min)