Thursday, January 31, 2008

Top 80 Best Short Atheist Quotes About Atheism And Religion (11 min)

Creationism vs Science - who wins? (4 min)

Keith Olbermann Slams Christianity when 80 year old man returns to life (MSNBC) (1 min)

Not dead yet, Chilean man wakes up at his own wake


People Like Us - The Vicar (30 min)

Scientology orientation Film (36 min)

A Scientology orientation film which accuses the US Government of spending millions on mind control techniques and attempting to "steal" church founder L. Ron Hubbard's work has reappeared online.

Dr Michio Kaku on Religious Immortality (BBC) (3 min)

The PCR Song - Scientists for better PCR (2 min)

Beyond Belief: Carolyn Porco On Science & Religion (25 min)

The Bastard Fairies-We're All Going To Hell (Music) (3 min)

Jesus Held Hostage Over Dog Poop (2 min)

Eddie Izzard - Noah & The Flood (10 min)

Louis Theroux meets the Israeli Church of UPK (7 min)

Real Time: Religion in Politics with Bill Maher (10 min)

Scientology: Interview with Andrew Morton (7 min)

Scientology: Explaining the Tom Cruise Videotape (5 min)

The Bible Code (BBC - Horizon) (48 min)