Saturday, February 16, 2008

The God Poll- Charles Firth ask Americans when do they think the second coming will be (4 min)

Calculate Your God Delusion Index (6 min)

People Are Not Animals! (And evolution never happened) (4 min)

What the World Thinks of God (BBC) (90 min)

Religious mom kills "demon possessed" kids (10 min)

Bill Maher on Larry King: 'Faith' Is Dumb! (4 min)

Catholic League challenges Bill Maher to fight over Jesus (4 min)

Dispatches: Holy Offensive (50 min)

Christopher Hitchens vs Timothy Jackson (75 min)

Dueling Billboards (5 min)

Dueling Billboards

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Child abuse in the name of God (5 min)

Lewis Black on Politics and Religion (5 min)

Politics and Religion

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Human Ancestry Made Easy (10 min)

See the whole "Made Easy" Series

Adam Carolla Tears Religion a new one (8 min)

Adam Carolla vs Religion on Loveline Radio Show (10 min)

Adam Carolla on Atheism (8 min)