Monday, July 30, 2007

Exorcism Ends in Man's Death

Here is another case illustrating the damage that religious superstition can cause. It is truly insane that people still practice exorcism. But what is even more ridiculous is that the Catholic church not only sanctions such practices, but trains preists in the trade of exorcism. Obviously, the notion of humans being posessed by demons is somthing that is foolish and should have been left in the dark ages. However, this is the kind of nonsense you get when you place blind faith in a holy book that you deem to be the word of God.

I truly feel sorry for the poor girl who was being choked by this nut in front of her family. I only hope that at 3 years old, she will be too young to remember this incident as she gets older.

Attempted exorcism ends in man’s death
Police use stun guns on grandfather seen choking 3-year-old girl

July 30: An Arizona man is dead after police use a stun gun to stop him from choking his 3-year-old granddaughter during an alleged exorcism.

PHOENIX - Officers responding to a report of an exorcism on a young girl found her grandfather choking her and used stun guns to subdue the man, who later died, authorities said Sunday.

The 3-year-old girl and her mother, who was also in the room during the struggle between 49-year-old Ronald Marquez and officers, were hospitalized, police said. Their condition was unavailable.

The relative who called police said an exorcism had also been attempted Thursday.

“The purpose was to release demons from this very young child,” said Sgt. Joel Tranter.
Officers arrived at the house Saturday and entered when they heard screaming coming from a bedroom, Tranter said.

Naked woman seen chanting- A bed had been pushed up against the door; the officers pushed it open a few inches and saw Marquez choking his bloodied granddaughter, who was crying in pain and gasping, Tranter said.

A bloody, naked 19-year-old woman who police later determined to be Marquez’s daughter and the girl’s mother was in the room, chanting “something that was religious in nature,” Tranter said.

The officers forced open the door enough for one to enter, leading to a struggle in which an officer used a stun gun on Marquez, Tranter said.

Mother may be charged- After the initial stun had no visible effect, another officer squeezed into the room and stunned him. The girl was freed and passed through the door to the relative, Tranter said.

Marquez was placed in handcuffs after a struggle with officers and initially appeared normal, but then stopped breathing, Tranter said. He could not be revived and was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Tranter declined to identify Marquez’s daughter and granddaughter but said they lived in the house with Marquez.

The mother was not arrested, but police will consider criminal charges, Tranter said.
There was no phone listing at Ronald Marquez’s address.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Root of All Evil? The God Delusion (48 min)

A documentary by Richard Dawkins on the damage that faith can cause. Excellent program.

The Root of All Evil? The Virus of Faith (48 min)

Richard Dawkins' documentary on faith. An excellent program.

Atheist - You Tube Video

Here is a short video showing different famous people who were/are atheists. Also some interesting statistics. It's well done and worth a watch.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Favorite Atheist Videos (Links)

All of the Best Atheist Videos on the Internet- for Free!

New content will be added to the top of each respective category.
***- High production value and/or great content, mandatory viewing
**- Good production value and/or good content, recommended viewing
*- Possibly not the highest production value and/or content, or not very focused on atheism, but still definitely worth watching (otherwise it wouldn't be on my site)
-If I haven't watched the video yet, there will be no rating.

Intro to Atheism
Atheist Statistics 2008 (3 min)

10 Myths and 10 Truths About Atheism (by Sam Harris) (6 min)

Why are you an atheist? (5 min)

*Links to Websites that are critical of superstition (8 min)

*The Last Presentation: Introduction to Atheism- by the Colorado Coalition of Reason (38 min)

The "Made Easy" Series- God & DNA, Origin of Life, History of the Universe, Story of the Earth (43 min)

Why do Atheists Care About Religion? (14 min)

***Atheist (You tube's most viewed atheist video)- Famous atheists and related statistics (5.5 min)

**Atheist Answers Common Religious Questions (35 min)

*Atheist Presentation on Atheism (13.5 min)

Documentaries / Series
Darwin's Dangerous Idea - Episode 1: Body and Soul (BBC) (60 min)

Darwin's Dangerous Idea - Episode 2: Born Equal? (BBC) (60 min)

Darwin's Dangerous Idea - Episode 3: Live and Death (BBC) (60 min)

The Satanic Verses Affair (BBC) (90 min)

The Pagan Christ (45 min)

God on Trial (PBS) (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

Expelled (Ben Stein's Documentary) (100 min)

Dispatches: Saving Africa's Witch Children (38 min)

Born Again- A journey out of fundamentalism (87 min)

Nerve Gas Cult (30 min)

Scams, Schemes, and Scoundrels (100 min)

Metal Bending Examined w/ James Randi (35 min)

A Question of Miracles - Faith Healing (HBO) (60 min)

BBC: The Lost Gospels (3/15/08) (BBC) (59 min)

Marjoe (87 min)

Oh My God (Trailer) (5 min)

The Bible's Buried Secrets (Trailer) (PBS) (4 min)

The Secret Bible: The Rivals of Jesus (National Geographic) (47 min)

The Secret Bible: Apocalypse (National Geographic) (47 min)

Hidden Books in Vatican (32 min)

The Qur'an (Channel 4) (142 min)

The Big Question - How Did Life Begin (Discovery) (23 min)

Genius: Charles Darwin (50 min)

The Bible Unearthed (The History Channel) (90 min)

Here Be Dragons: An Introduction to Critical Thinking (41 min)

Ape Genius (PBS- Nova) (53 min)

God On The Brain (BBC) (50 min)

Wonderland: The End of the World Bus Tour (40 min)

Unreported World: Blood, Church and State (24 min)

Islam: What the West Needs to Know (100 min)

Stewart Lee - Don't Get Me Started- "What's wrong with Blasphemy" (30 min)

"The Life of The Buddha" - A religion without a God (BBC) (50 min)

Baby Bible Bashers (50 min)

What the World Thinks of God (BBC) (90 min)

Who Wrote the Bible? (100 min)

Break the Science Barrier, Richard Dawkins (50 min)

For The Bible Tells Me So - New Trailer (3 min)

Isaac Newton: The Dark Heretic - BBC (60 min)

The Bible Code (BBC - Horizon) (48 min)

DNA vs. The Book of Mormon (50 min)

The Doomsday Code (Channel 4) (100 min)

God's Next Army (Channel 4) (56 min)

The Hidden Story of Jesus (Channel 4) (100 min)

Watching Desmond Morris (2007) (BBC) (60 min)

The Story of God: Buddhism (10 min)

The Story of God: Hinduism (14 min)

CBC-TV: Doc Zone - The Pagan Christ (45 min)

Make Me A Muslim - Episode 1 (Channel 4) (50 min)
Make Me A Muslim - Episode 2 (Chanel 4) (50 min)
Make Me A Muslim - Episode 3 (Channel 4) (50 min)

Louis Theroux - Televangelists (BBC) (48 min)

The Body In Question- Jonathan Miller's 13-part series on the human body and the history of medicine (1978)

Heart Of The Matter: God Under The Microscope (BBC) (40 min)

Dispatches: Holy Offensive (50 min)

Science Friction: Creation (BBC) (50 min)
Science Friction: Genetics (BBC) (50 min)
Science Friction: Miracles (BBC) (50 min)

The Mark Steel Lectures - Charles Darwin (BBC) (30 min)

Emergence of Life- Neil deGrasse Tyson (NOVA) (12 min)

Jonestown Cult Suicides: The True Story (50 min)

Ramachandran, the Temporal Lobes and God (11 min)

Banned From The Bible- Part I & II (History Channel) (90 min each)

Saudi Solutions- How to combine modernity and fundamentalist Islam (VPRO 2005) (77 min)

Clash of the Worlds - BBC- India, Sudan, Palestine

The Bible Revolution- Channel 4 (101 min)

The Lost Book of Abraham (56 min)

***Judgement Day- Intelligent Design on Trial (NOVA) (120 min)

Atheists go to hell? (History Channel) (6 min)

BBC Profiles- The Life and Works of Richard Dawkins (23 min)

With God on Our Side- George W Bush and the Rise of the Religious Right in America (100 min)

A History of God (94 min)

***Flock of Dodos (100 min)

Christopher Hitchens - Hell's Angel: Mother Teresa (Channel 4) (25 min)

Did Jesus Die? Historians and theologians reveal the latest theories (BBC) (60 min)

The Story of God- BBC- (180 min)

God's Business: Islam in Israel - Al Jazeera (21 min)

***The God Who Wasnt There- why Christianity is a myth (61 min)

FX- An Atheist Among Christians- from 30 Days (45 min)

***Bullshit- Penn & Teller- "The Bible is Bullshit" (Showtime) (10 min)

Bullshit - "End of the World"- Penn & Teller (Showtime) (9 min)

Do You Believe in Miracles? Benny Hinn- Fifth Estate (41 min)

God's Business- "Hinduism Goes Global"- A Regional Hindu Sect Goes Global (22 min)

Secular Believers - What Do Non-Religious People Believe? Dawkins, etc (BBC)(60 min)

The Protestant Revolution - Part 1: The Politics of Belief (BBC) (60 min)
The Protestant Revolution - Part 2: The Godly Family (BBC) (60 min)
The Protestant Revolution - Part 3: A Reformation of the Mind (BBC) (60 min)

The Protestant Revolution - Part 4: No Rest for the Wicked (BBC) (60 min)

**Who Wrote the Bible?- Robert Beckford- How the Bible Came Into Being (100 min)

The God Awful Truth- An Ongoing Series Looking At Christianity's Past (25 parts)

Jihad: Slaughter of the Innocents - Beslan (Беслан) (50 min)

Undercover as a Muslim in Europe (28 min)

Blaming the Jews - Hate in Islamic Culture (38 min)

The Rape of Nanking (77 min)

Who's Afraid of Islam- Animo Television (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

God's Warriors- Christian- Christiane Amanpour (CNN) (90 min)
God's Warriors- Jewish- Christiane Amanpour (CNN) (90 min)
God's Warriors- Muslim- Christiane Amanpour (CNN) (90 min)

***Religion: The Greatest Story Ever Told. The origins of Christianity (26 min)

***The Big Question: Why are we here? with Richard Dawkins (24 min)

***The Enemies of Reason- Richard Dawkins (Part 1) (Part 2) (50 min each)

Jesus Camp (84 min) (Review)

Scientology: Inside the Church of Scientology (25 min) (Review)

**Scientology and Me- Panorama (BBC) (29 min) (Review)

Dispatches: Holy Offensive (50 min)

Dispatches - Jihad TV (46 min)

Dispatches - Undercover Mosque (48 min)

Dispatches - Unholy War (48 min)

Dispatches: Beneath The Veil (48 min)

Holy War, Inc (53 min)

A War on Science- BBC- Intelligent Design vs Evolution in the classroom (50 min) (Review)

**The Phelps Family- BBC Documentary (50 min) (Review)

Keith Allen Meets Phelps Family (of God Hates Fags), and Drops a Bombshell (48 min)

The Root of All Evil? The God Delusion (50 min)

The Root of All Evil? The Virus of Faith (50 min)

***The Atheism Tapes- Ep. 1-6- Colin McGinn, Steven Weinberg, Arthur Miller, Richard Dawkins, Denys Turner, Daniel Dennet (28 min each episode)

***Atheism: A Rough History of Disbelief (BBC)- Episode 1- Shadows of Doubt (60 min)
Atheism: A Rough History of Disbelief (BBC)- Episode 2- Noughts and Crosses (60 min)
Atheism: A Rough History of Disbelief (BBC)- Episode 3- The Final Hour (60 min)

Madalyn Murray-O'Hair Short Film (25 min)


Dan Barker vs. Mark Chavalas- The Bible: Fact or Fiction (125 min)

Christopher Hitchens vs. Dinesh D'Souza - "What's so great about God?" 01/26/09 (130 min)

Christopher Hitchens vs. Frank Turek- Does God Exist? (131 min)

Christopher Hitchens vs. Dinesh D'Souza- Freedom Fest 2008 (86 min)

Bart Ehrman vs. William Lane Craig- Did Jesus Raise From The Death (133 min)

Christopher Hitchens vs. Dinesh D'Souza vs. Dennis Prager (130 min)

Dr. Massimo Pigliucci vs. Kent Hovind (60 min)

William Lane Craig vs. John Shook- "Does a God Exist" (70 min)

Sam Harris vs. Hugh Hewitt (12 min)

Michael Shermer vs Jonathan Wells (Evolution Debate) (60 min)

Dinesh D'Souza vs Peter Singer (4/25/08) (105 min)

Dinesh D'Souza vs. Dan Barker (130 min)

Should a 21st Century Scientist believe in God? - Formal Debate

Christopher Hitchens: Christianity is not imposed?! (2 min)

Sue Blackmore vs Alister McGrath- "Is belief in God is a dangerous delusion?" (11/13/07)

Ken Miller Debate- Evolution or Creationism (10 min)

Creation / Evolution debate on Michael Coren Show- Jason Wiles and Laurence Tisdall (58 min)

The Firing Line 1997 Creation-Evolution Debate- "The Evolutionists Should Acknowledge Creation"

Dan Barker vs. Todd Friel- Is Evolution True (60 min)

Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry debating blasphemy (120 min)

Christopher Hitchens vs Timothy Jackson (75 min)

Richard Dawkins vs Madeline Bunting (24 min)

Are Darwin's Theories Fact or Faith Issues? PZ Myers vs Geoffrey Simmons (42 min)

The Jonathan Dimbleby Big Debate - Religion in Schools (57 min)

Christopher Hitchens vs Rabbi Boteach (94 min)

Is the Bible the word of God? - Deedat vs Sjoberg (177 min)

Is Jesus God? - Deedat vs Sjoberg (182 min)

We'd be better off without Religion- Hitchens, Dawkins and philosopher A.C. Grayling Debate (Part 1) (Part 2)

The Big Questions - Religion Debate with Dawkins, Lord Carey, Widdecombe, and Bartley (11/25/07) (BBC) (60 min)

Sam Harris vs. Rabbi David Wolpe- Does God Exist? (11/6/07) (100 min)

Daniel Dennett vs Dinesh D'Souza- "God is a manmade invention" (140 min)

Michael Shermer vs Douglas Jacoby- Does God Exist? (6/23/07) (70 min)

Michael Ruse vs. William Dembski in May 2005 (10 min)

Debate on Islamism and Liberalism in the Arab World (10 min)

Michael Shermer- Skeptic Smackdown debate from Dragon*Con 2007 (60 min)

Battle of Ideas: Debating Darwin FORAtv (55 min)

Debate between Michael Shermer and Dinesh D'Souza- Is Christianity Good for the World? (Part 2)

Kent Hovind vs Matthew Rainbow- Creation vs Evolution (171 min)

Richard Dawkins vs John Lennox (100 min)

Robert Spencer and Dinesh D'Souza Debate- Is Islam a Religion of Peace? (12 min)

Is God Necessary for Ethics? Mark Hausam vs David Keller- University of Utah (4/13/07) (128 min)
God in Politics - World Economic Forum- Filmed in 2004 at the 'Davos Annual Meeting' (72 min)

Life After Death? A Debate between Christians and Non-Christians on John Ankenberg Show (130 min)

Christopher Hitchens vs Dinnesh D'Souza Debate- Book TV (90 min)

Christopher Hitchens vs Dinesh D'Souza- "Is Christianity The Problem?" (10/22/07) (95 min)

***Christopher Hitchens vs Alister McGrath- Religion in the Modern World: Poison or Cure?(100 min)

***Christopher Hitchens vs Mark Roberts- The Great God Debate- on Hugh Hewitt (100 min)

Christopher Hitchens vs David Allen White on Hugh Hewitt Show (65 min)

Religion Panel - Do Atheists Lack "Spiritual Values?" (105 min)

Evolution vs Creationism Debate (80 min)

Mary Kay Radford & James Mach vs Walter Martin- Bahai vs Christianity (23 min)

Rabbi Meir Kahane vs Alan Dershowitz- Judaism vs Democracy (03/25/1985) (120 min)

Shabir Ally vs Willam Lane Craig- Concept of God in Christianity and Islam (92 min)

Shabir Ally vs Tony Costa- Jesus in Christianity and Islam (127 min)

Sam Harris vs Chris Hedges- "Religion, Politics and the End of the World" (90 min)

Michael Newdow vs David McIntosh- "Religion in the Public Square" (80 min)

Dan Barker & Richard Carrier vs Br. Hassanain Rajabali & Michael Corey- "Does God Not Exist?" (196 min)

Christopher Hitchens vs Olasky- Religion and Politics, The Future Forum (5/14/2007) (74 min)

Christopher Hitchens vs Religion + Q&A (43 min)

Christopher Hitchens (atheist) vs Edd Doerr (humanist) (40 min)

*Christopher Hitchens vs George Galloway - On the Iraq War (Part 1) (Part 2) (111 min)

Christopher Hitchens vs Al Sharpton- MSNBC- Hardball- (41 min)

Christopher Hitchens vs Al Sharpton Debate (90 min)

*Christopher Hitchens Discussion of Rushdie- Question Time (BBC) (42 in)

***Nightline Debate- Rational Response Squad vs Kirk Cameron & Ray Comfort (Part 1) (Part 2) (100 min)
Does God Exist - Rational Response Squad Post-debate discussion (Part 1) (Part 2)

Kent Hovind vs 3 Scientists (140 min)

Kent Hovind vs Michael Shermer (126 min)

Atheist Walking (7.5 min)



Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the Colbert Report (Comedy Central) (7 min)

Sam Harris on the Colbert Report (Comedy Central) (7 min)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Muslim Women Are The Key (13 min)

John McCain On Religion and Politics (5 min)

August Berkshire, president of Minnesota Atheists, interviewed by Christian Radio KKMS (40 min)

Sir David Attenborough on God, Darwin and Evoulution (5 min)

Richard Dawkins on Talk Back Radio Ulster with William Crawley (8/5/08) (25 min)

James Randi Talks About Atheism (30 min)

Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers Discussion (90 min)

Conversations with History: Christopher Hitchens (58 min)

Richard Dawkins Interviewed by Allan Gregg (8 min)

Discussion with Richard Dawkins and Steven Weinberg (75 min)

Richard Dawkins Interview with Paula Kirby on Charles Darwin (50 min)

Richard Dawkins on Studio 4 in Vancouver (30 min)

Susan Jacoby- The Age of American Unreason (Book TV) (60 min)

Scientific American VS. Mark Mathis from Expelled (72 min)

Richard Dawkins Sits Down With Paula Kirby plus Q&A (120 min)

Charlie Rose Greenroom: Christopher Hitchens (5 min)

Carl Sagan's last interview with Charlie Rose (20 min)

Sam Harris- The Series (25 min)

Richard Dawkins on the Alan Colmes Show (3/13/08) (25 min)

Richard Dawkins Press Conference 3/11/08 (20 min)

Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers on being expelled from Expelled (10 min)

Bart Ehrman, "Questioning Religion on Why We Suffer" (NPR) (48 min)

Wafa Sultan on Glenn Beck Show (3/4/07) (8 min)

Bill Maher on Larry King: 'Faith' Is Dumb! (4 min)

Catholic League challenges Bill Maher to fight over Jesus (4 min)

Christopher Hitchens- Divine Impulses (35 min)

Christopher Hitchens on Books & Ideas (25 min)

Christopher Hitchens on the Morning Noon & Night Show (Plum TV) (9 min)

Stephen Meyer discusses intelligent design in 2005 (9 min)

Charlie Rose - David Remnick / Richard Dawkins (58 min)

Richard Dawkins on The Late Edition with Marcus Brigstocke (Channel 4) (10/18/07) (7 min)

Sam Harris- Keeping Religion Out of Public Policy (NPR) (30 min)

Stephen Colbert Interviews Richard Dawkins (Comedy Central) (9 min)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Muslim Teddy Bear (5 min)

Interviews with Criss Angel, Penn Jillette, and James Randi (10 min)

Richard Dawkins- CBC News: Sunday (14 min)

Christopher Hitchens on Mitt Romney & Christmas (12/5/07) (8 min)

CBC News: Sunday - Richard Dawkins (15 min)

Jonathan Miller discussing Evolution - Dick Cavett Show 1986 (4 min)

Jonathan Miller on the Dick Cavett Show 1980 (30 min)
Jonathan Miller on the Dick Cavett Show 1980 #2 (30 min)
Jonathan Miller on the Dick Cavett Show 1980 #3 (30 min)
Jonathan Miller on the Dick Cavett Show 1980 #4 (30 min)
Jonathan Miller on the Dick Cavett Show 1980 #5 (30 min)

Richard Dawkins on 'Have Your Say' (BBC) (55 min)

Beyond Belief (2007)- Dan Dennett (90 min)

Jeremy Hall- Army Specialist Threatened: Murder for being Atheist (Freethought Radio) (15 min)

The Four Horsemen- Dawkins, Dennett, Hitchens, Harris (Hour 1)
The Four Horsemen- Dawkins, Dennett, Hitchens, Harris (Hour 2)

Greydon Square- Interview with Skeptics Guide To The Universe (22 min)

Greydon Square- Interview with the Institute for Humanist Studies (1/21/07) (11 min)

Greydon Square Interview on 1670AM Madison (11 min)

Christopher Hitchens on The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe (12 min)

Christopher Hitchens Lays the Smackdown on Religion (50 min)

Salman Rushdie interview with Bill O'Reilly (4 min)

Salman Rushdie Interview on KBPS (10-13-05) (9 min)

Christopher Hitchens On Morning Joe (12/3/07) (MSNBC) (10 min)

Allan Gregg Interviews Richard Dawkins (16 min)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Anderson Cooper 360 (CNN) (4 min)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Danish TV (8 min)

Christopher Hitchens - Milênio (25 min)

LiveLeak Interview : What Would Jesus Buy? (20 min)

Kevin Padian: Investigating Evolution ( (11/4/07) (56 min)

Brian Flemming (Director of "The God Who Wasn't There") on Free Talk Live (35 min)

A.J. Jacobs on The Hour (10 min)

*Richard Dawkins Air America Interview (5 min)

Harris, Dennett, Dawkins, Hitchens Interviewed at Atheist Alliance Internation conference (22 min)

Richard Dawkins Interview - NPR's Science Friday (30 min)

Richard Dawkins Interview- Education and Science (14 min)

Richard Dawkins -- Education vs. Indoctrination- BBC- 1996 (35 min)

Richard Dawkins on Canada AM- "The God Delusion" (5 min)

*Bill Hicks Interview- Greatest comic of his generation (4 min)

Pat Robertson with Robert Spencer, about his new book "The Truth About Mohammad" (8 min)
*eBay Atheist Talks About Visiting Churches- Off the Map (10 min)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on HardTalk (BBC) (10 min)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Interviewed On Channel 4 (4 min)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Interviewed On Swedish Television- Is Islam a religion of peace? (9 min)
Ayaan Hirsi Ali with Avi Lewis- On the Map- The Myth of Islamophobia (10 min)

**Sam Harris with Russell Wetanson- "Letter to a Christian Nation" & "The End of Faith" (4 min)

Kathy Griffin on Larry King- Emmy Censorship Over Her Jesus Comment (21 min)

Christopher Hitchens on Hugo Chavez (FOX) (5 min)

Christopher Hitchens interview on Uncommon Knowledge (30 min)

Christopher Hitchens on the Daily Show- On the Iraq war (10 min)

Christopher Hitchens on Thomas Paine's Rights of Man (NPR) (40 min)

Christopher Hitchens- A Dissenting Voice- 4/25/02 (60 min)

Christopher Hitchens Interview- Point of Inquiry (35 min)

Christopher Hitchens on Freethought Radio (10/6/07) (18 min)

Christopher Hitchens on NPR's Morning Edition Radio (5 min)

Christopher Hitchens Talks Iraq, Iran, and Mother Teresa on Hugh Hewitt Show (8/29/07) (10 min)

Christopher Hitchens on Hugh Hewitt- The Path to 9/11- Thomas Jefferson, Bush, Clinton, etc (9/13/06) (19 min)

Christopher Hitchens on NPR Talk of the Nation- Islam in Britain after 7/7 (7/3/07) (16 min)

***Christopher Hitchens with BBC's Simon Mayo-"God Is Not Great" (6/18/2007) (35 min)

Christopher Hitchens - "The Morals of an Atheist" on Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson (21 min)

Christopher Hitchens with Charlie Rose and Charlie Alterman- on Iraq War (6/6/03) (30 min)

Christopher Hitchens with Charlie Rose- "The Passion of The Christ" (2/25/04)

Christopher Hitchens with Charlie Rose- "Thomas Jefferson: Author of America (7/15/05) (20 min)

Christopher Hitchens with Charlie Rose- On "god Is Not Great" (5/4/07) (30 min)

**Christopher Hitchens with Dennis Miller (9/18/2007) (10 min)

Christopher Hitchens on The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe (10 min)

Christopher Hitchens- In Depth (C-SPAN2) (175 min)

***Christopher Hitchens- with Sean Hannity on "Hannity's Hot Seat" (5 min)

Christopher Hitchens- with Sir David Frost on "Frost Over The World" (AlJazeera) (11 min)

Christopher Hitchens- Interview (7min)

**Christopher Hitchens with Lou Dobbs (6.5 min)

***Christopher Hitchens- The Hour (BBC) (12 min)

Sir Jonathan Wolfe Miller with Kirsty Wark (28 min)

Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks with the Agnostic John Humphrys (BBC Radio 4) (5 min)

Salman Rushdie- Faith & Reason (46 min)

Madalyn Murray O'Hair- 1968 Radio Interview (235 min)

Shirley Phelps ("God Hates Fags")- The Josh Fourrier Show (AirAzona Radio) (28 min)

Alister McGrath- with Richard Dawkins- "Dawkins' God: Genes, Memes, & the Meaning of Life" (70 min)

Daniel Dennett Interviewed by Michio Kaku on "Explorations" (23 min)

Daniel Dennet Interview (70 min)

***Daniel Dennett- on Charlie Rose Show (PBS)- Discussing "Breaking the Spell" (57 min)

Richard Dawkins on Alan Colmes Fox Radio Show (24 min)

Richard Dawkins- on Richard & Judy- "Enemies of Reason" (10 min)

Richard Dawkins- Newsnight Bookclub Intervew (10 min)

Richard Dawkins- CBC News (7 min)

Richard Dawkins with the Bishop of Oxford (uncut) (34 min)

Richard Dawkins with Steve Paikin- The Agenda- "Can We Live By Reason Alone?" (30 min)

Richard Dawkins- HARDtalk (BBC) (23 min)

Richard Dawkins-The Hour (13 min)

Richard Dawkins on the RRS show (61 min)

Joseph Atwill- Caesars Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy (57 min)

**Gregory Boyd with Charlie Rose- "The Myth of a Christian Nation" (21 min)

**Penn Jillette with James "The Amazing" Randi (29 min)

*Penn Jillette with Wolf Blitzer on CNN (6 min)

*Brian Sapient with Laura Ingraham (16 min)

Lori Lipman Brown with Brian Sapient (6 min)

Hirsi Ali: Is Islam Compatible with Liberal Democracy? (60 min)



PZ Myers: We need to call ourselves atheists (7 min)

This I believe- by Penn Jillette (4 min)

Lawrence Krauss, Michael Lemonick, Peter Gleick- The scientific "debate" behind intelligent design (5 min)

Penn Jillette: Atheist vs. Agnostic (3 min)

Lawrence Krauss- Why anti-science politics is bad for America (9 min)

Richard Dawkins Lecture at UC Berkeley (3/8/08) (56 min)

Atheist IQ - Faith vs Reason (Richard Dawkins) (9 min)

"Golden Age of Atheism" by David Mills (50 min)

A.J. Jacobs: My year of living biblically (TED) (18 min)

Richard Dawkins Public Lecture - Liverpool (2/25/08) (96 min)

Edward Humes- Monkey Girl (C-Span) (75 min)

Matthew Chapman Trials of the Monkey (C-Span) (65 min)

Escaping God's Closet: Revelations of a Queer Priest (30 min)

Barack Obama - Faith (23 min)

Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss - Discussion (3/9/08) (120 min)

Greydon Square Presentation to CFI (25 min)

Daniel Dennett: Evolution, Culture and Truth (60 min)

Sam Harris- Is there a Creator? (3 min)

Kenneth Miller: "Evolution: Fossils, Genes, and Mousetraps" (HHMI) (90 min)

Richard Dawkins on Ayaan Hirsi Ali and The Out Campaign

Michael Shermer at FSGP (85 min)

Life: a gene-centric- Craig Venter & Richard Dawkins (5 min)

Beyond Belief: Carolyn Porco On Science & Religion (25 min)

Robert Spencer- "Islam - The World's Most Intolerant Religion" (45 min)

Phil Plait (The Amazing Meeting 2) (60 min)

Andrew Mayne (The Amazing Meeting 3) (20 min)

Penn & Teller (The Amazing Meeting 3) (70 min)

Michael Shermer (The Amazing Meeting 3) (50 min)

Christopher Hitchens (The Amazing Meeting 3) (20 min)

Der Digitale Planet (lecture) featuring Douglas Adams, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Jared Diamond and Steven Pinker. (only in German for the first few minutes) (200 min)

Evangelicals in Foreign Policy (FORAtv) (70 min)
Evangelicals and Foreign Policy Today (FORAtv) (75 min)
Evangelicals and the Middle East (FORAtv) (72 min)

Christopher Hitchens: Bah, Humbug on Christmas (3 min)

Dr. J. Craig Venter- The Richard Dimbleby Lecture 2007- A DNA-Driven World (44 min)

James Randi tricks philosopher Dan Dennett (5 min)

Richard Dawkins on purpose, design, and teleology- from "River Out of Eden: A Darwinian View of Life" (5 min)

TAM 2 (The Amazing Meeting) David Ewalt- "Skeptics in the Media: Making your voice heard" (17 min)

TAM 2 (The Amazing Meeting) Matthew Morgan- The Second Law of Thermodynamics (16 min)

TAM 2 (The Amazing Meeting) Julia Sweeney- "Letting go of God" (40 min)

TAM 2 (The Amazing Meeting) Dr. Michael Shermer (50 min)

TAM 2- A panel discussion. James Randi, Phil Plait, Hervey Peoples, Bob Park, Michael Shermer, Steve Berret, Eugenie Scott, Penn & Teller (100 min)

Religion, Politics, and the 2008 Election (FORAtv) (100 min)

Worst Person in the World: Theocracy/Mike Huckabee (MSNBC) (2 min)

Richard Dawkins at AAI 07 (57 min)

Sam Harris- "The View From The End Of The World" (12/9/05) (82 min)

Alan Dershowitz on Religion (CSPAN) (11 min)

Steven Pinker: A brief history of violence (TED) (21 min)

Salman Rushdie Lecture (8 min)

Eugenie Scott: Intelligent Design & YE Creationism (2007) (AAI) (60 min)

Philippe Starck: Why design? (18 min)

Robert Full: Secrets of movement, from geckos and roaches (TED) (20 min)

Beyond Belief - Enlightment 2.0- (2007)

John Hartung- A Perspective on the Future of Mankind (25 min)

Kevin Smith on 'Dogma' and Religion (14 min)

Garry Wills - Was America Founded on Christianity?

Christopher Hitchens at Freedom From Religion Foundation (60 min)

Eugenie Scott- The Amazing Meeting 2 (20 min)

Vilayanur Ramachandran: A journey to the center of your mind (TED) (25 min)

Salman Rushdie reads the Satanic Verses (6 min)

Daniel Dennett: Lecture on Consciousness (60 min)

Daniel Dennett and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (4 min)

A.J. Jacobs: The Year of Living Biblically (46 min)

Matthew Chapman at AAI 07 (53 min)

Michael Shermer- TAM 2 (The Amazing Meeting) (50 min)

Sam Harris: The Problem with Atheism - AAI 07 (66 min)

Secularist of the Year presentation 2007 (30 min)

Eddie Tabash at AAI 07 (44 min)

Can a skeptic believe in God? Skeptic Panel (18 min)

Christopher Hitchens at AAI 07 (64 min)

Julia Sweeney, Dawkins, and Dennett Award and Speech at AAI 2007 (76 min)

Christopher Hitchens FFRF Talk- Receiving the 'Emperor Has No Clothes' Award (33 min)

Andrew Fire- A Nobel Winner on Ethics, Politics, and Science (6 min)

Steven Pinker- A brief history of violence (TED)(21 min)

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Ramachandran- Beyond Belief (11/5/06) (4 min)

Steven Weinberg- Beyond Belief (11/5/06) (7 min)

Ann Druyan- Beyond Belief (11/5/06) (5 min)

V.S. Ramachandran- Beyond Belief (11/5/06) (14 min)

Sam Harris- Beyond Belief (11/5/06) (17 min) Sam Harris at Idea CIty 2005- Discussing "The End of Faith" (23 min)

Sam Harris - The End of Faith (CSPAN2) (81 min)

Sam Harris- "Believing the Unbelievable: The Clash Between Faith and Reason in the Modern World" (69 min)

J. Anderson Thomson at AAI- "We Few, We Happy Few, We Band of Brothers" (9/282007) (75 min)

Margaret Downey at the Amazing Meeting- How to poke fun at superstition (10 min)

"Science and Reason in Islam: An Illusion of Harmony"- Dr. Taner Edis (CFI) (188 min)

*TX State/Church Rally - Joe Zamecki, Blair Scott, Rabid Ape (13 min)

**Lori Lipman Brown, Esq. Secular Coalition for America- Freethought Day 2006 (15 min)

Robert Price- "Pagan Parallels to Christ" (55 min)

Christopher Hitchens on Saul Bellow (CSPAN) (9 min)

Christopher Hitchens reads form "god is Not Great"- Chapter 3: Why Heaven Hates Ham (10 min)

Christopher Hitchens- "We'd Be Better Off Without Religion" (12 min)

Christopher Hitchens: The Moral Necessity of Atheism (77 min)

Christopher Hitchens: "God is not revealed, but man-made" (2 min)

Christopher Hitchens at the 2006 Amazing Meeting- on Thomas Jefferson (10 min)

Christopher Hitchens- Freedom of Speech at the U of Toronto's Hart House Debating Club (20 min)

Christopher Hitchens- Discusses "God is Not Great..." at Authors at Google (68 min)

Christopher Hitchens in Seattle- Town Hall (75 min)

Christopher Hitchens- "God is Not Great" (65 min)

Richard Dawkins- God Delusion- Science vs. Religion (7 min)

Richard Dawkins - Intelligent Religious Believers (5 min)

Richard Dawkins - Difference Between Comforting and True (7 min)

Richard Dawkins - The Shifting Moral Zeitgeist- Beyond Belief (10 min)

Richard Dawkins- Richard Dimbleby Lecture- Science, Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder (1996) (40 min)

Richard Dawkins: Q&A "Atheism and the Future"- July 07 (28 min)

Richard Dawkins- at TED- "Queerer Than We Suppose: The Strangeness of Science." (23 min)

Richard Dawkins at Kepler Books - (Part 1) (Part 2) (52 min)

***Richard Dawkins in Lynchberg- The God Delusion- Book Reading + Q&A (107 min)

Richard Dawkins- Call To Arms (TED) (30 min)

Richard Dawkins- "I'm an atheist, BUT..." (Presentaion + Q&A) (90 min)

Barbara Forrest: Inside Creationism's Trojan Horse- Center for Inquiry (70 min)

Bart Ehrman- Heyns Lecture Series: Misquoting Jesus- Stanford University (100 min)

Lawrence Krauss- The Conflict Between Science and Religion (21 min)

Michael Newdow, In God We Trust- 2006 (75 min)

*James Randi - at Authors at Google (58 min)

Ellen Johnson at the 2006 Amazing Meeting- on Madalyn Murray-O'Hair (15 min)

*Ayaan Hirsi Ali- "Calling Things By Their Name" at the Aspen Ideas Festival (4 min)

*Ayaan Hirsi Ali Apologizes to Sir Salman Rushdie (3 min)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali at AAI 07 (50 min)

*Susan Savage- The Bonobo Species (TED) (20 min)

***Michael Shermer- Why People Believe Strange Things (13 min)

**Michael Shermer- Engaging Believers (21 min)

Edward Tabash- "The Present Threat of the Religious Right" + Q&A (51 min)

Dan Dennett Talks About "The Purpose Driven Life" (25.5 min)

Beyond Belief 2006 (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6) (Part 7) (Part 8) (Part 9) (Part 10)


In the Media

'You're More Moral Than God!' - Matt's Terrific, Merciless Rant on God's Moral Standards (20 min)

A finely tuned hand of cards (Addressing arguments for the existence of God) (19 min)

Sarah Palin didnt know Africa was a Continent (Fox) (4 min)

Bill Maher on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (9/30/08) (12 min)

Bill Maher on The View (ABC) (9/30/08) (9 min)

Shot Glasses for Jesus (Fox) (3 min)

Riz Khan - Church Vs State in Spain (1/15/08) (Al Jazeera) (18 min)

Joel Osteen's Wife on Trial (3 min)

More creationism in Northern Ireland (10 min)

'Imagine No Religion' billboards cause controversy in Valley (ABC) (2 min)

Secularism: The Turkish Experience (30 min)

A caller has proof of Creationism (10 min)

There's no evidence for the Jesus story (8 min)

Muslim kicked off Obama campaign (Fox) (4 min)

Jesus makes an appearance on a Moth (CNN) (2 min)

Tyson jihad (Fox) (2 min)

The Church of Bones - Czech Republic (6 min)

James Randi on the Arsenio Hall Show (10 min)

Faith Healing Discussion w/ James Randi (40 min)

James Randi on Midday Australia (11 min)

James Randi on Midday Show Episode 2 (15 min)

James Randi and Michael Shermer on Larry King (CNN) (35 min)

The Girl With Eight Limbs (National Geographic) (4 min)

No Credit for Creationism (CNN) (3 min)

Jindal thinks Intelligent Design should be taught

Don't Believe in God? You are not alone. Billboard Controversy (Fox) (2 min)

Rob Boston of Americans United regarding another Religious forum (6 min)

McCain, Republicans Want Welfare for Anti-Evolutionists? (5 min)

Intelligence Contest: Humans vs. Chimps... Chimps win! (ABC) (2 min)

Bill Maher lays waste to Religion on Scarborough Country (MSNBC) (3 min)

The Atheist Experience- Pascal's Wager Debunked (2 min)

Atheist Experience - Best Caller Ever (Public Access) (2 min)

Religion & Politics - Should They Go Together? (8/5/08) (Fox) (4 min)

Jesus of Siberia (ABC Nightline) (10 min)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Muslim Women Are The Key (CNN) (13 min)

Riz Khan - Islamophobia in the US - (6/30/08) (Al Jazeera) (20 min)

Christian Masters Worry Obama May Detour Theocracy (CNN) (12 min)

CAIR Rep Discusses Obama Hijab Flap (CNN) (4 min)

Religion & Democracy- Gallup Poll (3 min)

Todd Bentley - Faith Healer (Nightline) (ABC) (20 min)

Church Pastor Arrested for Breaking into Home, Stealing Sex Toy (ABC) (5 min)

Dinesh D'Souza on Al Jazeera (13 min)

Richard Dawkins on Al Jazeera (11 min)

Newsnight: Saudi Schools in the UK teach religious bigotry (9 min)

Mitt Romney's Lie about his Father and Martin Luther King, Jr (2 min)

Leader of Doomsday Cult charged with Sex Crimes (5 min)

The Lord's Boot Camp (48 hours) (CBS) (43 min)

Inherit the Wind Scene- Creationism vs. Evolution (9 min)

Rep. Monique Davis: Keith Olbermann's Worst Person in the World (MSNBC) (3 min)

Ann Coulter wants to prosecute for sodomy! (Fox) (6 min)

Driving I-35? Watch Out, Crazies Ahead! (CNN) (5 min)

Flying Spaghetti Monster Statue Installed On Courthouse Lawn (2 min)

'Biblically Correct' Tour Guides For Jesus (8 min)

Faith Kills Again-11 year old Dies Because Parents Chose to Pray (1 min)

Wife Swap: Liberal vs. Conservative Christians (45 min)

Rob Boston of Americans United Debates Creationism on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" (5 min)

Christopher Hitchens on Real Time with Bill Maher- religious idiocy and pew survey (8 min)

James Randi looks at faith healers (1992) (7 min)

Bart Ehrman on The Daily Show- Truth about Christianity - Is Bible Corrupt? (Comedy Central) (6 min)

The Atheist Next Door: Atheists An Increasingly Outspoken Minority (CBS) (5 min)

Adam Carolla Tears Religion a new one (8 min)

Adam Carolla vs Religion on Loveline Radio Show (10 min)

Adam Carolla on Atheism (8 min)

Real Time with Bill Maher: Religions (5 min)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Geert Wilders's new anti-Muslim film with Larua Ingraham (Fox) (6 min)

Keith Olbermann Slams Christianity when 80 year old man returns to life (MSNBC) (1 min)

Real Time: Religion in Politics with Bill Maher (10 min)

News report on intelligent design and the Dover Trial (MSNBC) (2 min)

Religious Cleansing of Christianity in Iraq (CBS) (10 min)

Scientology's hold on Tom Cruise (20/20) (ABC) (8 min)

Pat Robertson: Rudy will stack the courts his way (Fox) (3 min)

Mike Huckabee grilled on Hardball (5 min)

BBC-Mystery Artist *BANKSY* Tags Birthplace of Jesus (3 min)

A call to a conservative talkshow about Religious Tolerance (7 min)

American Atheists on Hannity & Colmes (5 min)

Dan Abrams on Huckabee and Evolution (MSNBC) (6 min)

Huckabee: Amend Constitution to Reflect God's Standards (1 min)

Joy Behar on Catholic saints- People hearing voices need medication (1 min)

Criss Angel challenges Uri Geller, again (5 min)

Bill Maher Interview on Conan (NBC) (10 min)

Pat Robertson Discusses His Message From God on Hannity and Colmes (Fox) (6 min)

Radical Christian Missionaries in Iraq (9 min)

Chasers war on everything: Evangelicals (5 min)

Ron Paul: Revolution - Evolution is Just R(epublican) (2 min)

Huckabee spot reminds Ron Paul of fascism prediction (2 min)

Christian Scare Tactics Invade Health Class (NBC) (3 min)

Faith Factor: Religion & and the Republican Candidates (Fox) (4 min)

Dan Rather Reports- A panel discussion with legal scholars about how the Constitution governs the balance of religion and government in American life (55 min)

Bill O'Reilly, Tony Snow on religion and the 2008 election (Fox) (7 min)

Walters surprised at religious White House Christmas card (2 min)

Worst Person Featuring Tony Perkins, Family Research Council (MSNBC) (2 min)

Bill O'Reilly responds to the Atheist Little Girl (Fox) (5 min)

American Fascists, Chris Hedges on The Hour (CBC) (10 min)

Atheist sign sparks controversy - story by Carolee Salerno (2 min)

Fox News covers Georgia praying for rain that was already forecasted (3 min)

Chistopher Hitchens: Romney's Mormonism is fair game (Fox) (4 min)

Margaret Downey on Fox & Friends (Fox) (4 min)

The Separation of Church and State- by John F. Kennedy (1 min)

Father Johnathan Morris on The Golden Compass (Fox) (3 min)

FOX on The Golden Compass (4 min)

Olbermann Dissects Romney's Mormon Speech (MSNBC) (6 min)

Muslim girls collide with Hans Teeuwen - Subtitled (7 min)

Michael Shermer on Charlie Rose- Why People Believe Weird Things (10 min)

Michael Shermer on The Science of Good and Evil (4 min)

Lori Lipman Brown on Bill O'Reilly (12/7/07) Fox) (6 min)

Ellen Johnson- on Larry King Live (CNN) (1 min)

Mitt Romney's Speech - Faith In America (24 min)

Huckabee: Divine Providence Helps My Poll Numbers (1 min)

700 Club: Interstate 35 fulfills bible prophecy to "heal" gays? Pat Robertson (5 min)

Bill O'Reilley: The War on Christmas Continues (Fox) (5 min)

Will Smith's revealing interview on religion (Access Hollywood) (3 min)

Keith Olbermann on Sherrie Shephard- Idiot of the year (MSNBC) (1 min)

Larry King Live: Creflo Dollar- televangelist crook (CNN) (10 min)

Ben Stein on Glenn Beck's show about Intelligent Design (CNN) (5 min)

Margaret Downey- Atheists' 'Tree of Knowledge' Display (Fox) (7 min)

The View on teddy bear blasphemy in Sudan (ABC) (3 min)

Dinesh D'Souza - Fox News Hannity & Colmes Interview (10/30/07) (5 min)

Dinesh D'Souza - Fox News The Big Story w/ Gibson and Nauert (4 min)

Dinesh D'Souza - Fox News Hannity & Colmes Interview (9 min)

David Horowitz's Demons: Islamofascism Awareness Week 2007 (6 min)

Theocracy Now! At the Value Voters Summit 2007 (8 min)

Fox- American Atheists on Hannity & Colmes (5 min)

Fox- Christopher Hitchens: Romney's Mormonism is fair game (4 min)


Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kicks Separation Of Church And State (1 min)

Fox News- Bibles vs Condoms at Hotels (5 min)

Presidential Biblical Quotes- from the West Wing (4 min)

CBN News: America's New Atheists- Pat Robertson (10 min)

CNN- Mike Huckabee responds to evolution question (2 min)

MSNBC- Presidential candidates' favorite Bible Verse (2 min)

CNN/YouTube Debate - Do You Believe In The Bible (3 min)

Eugenie Scott vs Frank Sherwin on intelligent design (CNN) (2 min)

Eugenie Scott vs Stephen Meyer on Intelligent Design (MSNBC)(2005) (11 min)

Robert Spencer with Laura Ingraham (7 min)

Margaret Downey on ABC 7-05-01 (2 min)

Margaret Downey on NBC 10 and WB17 (1999)

NBC News Coverage Protest Downey Courthouse (2 min)

Margaret Downey on NBC 10 (1999) (2 min)

Boulder Highschool Students Protest "Under God" in Pledge (2 min)

Mike Huckabee and Bill O'Reilly on Creation and Evolution (6 min)

Greater Ministries International Scam (documentary) (MSNBC) (10 min)

Bill Maher - Christian 'Values Voters'? (4 min)

Atheist Marie Castle: DOES GOD EXIST? (2005 CNN Interview) (5 min)

The Darwin Award Winning "Power of Prayer" (1 min)

Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell on 9/11 (2 min)

Pat Robertson endorses Rudy Giuliani (2 min)

Girls For Jesus- Evangelists at Strip Clubs (4 min)

Bible Lessons From Congress (16 min)

Is God Under Attack? Interview with a preist (CBS) (7 min)

Should Pharmacists Dispense Medicine Against Their Beliefs? (FOX)(PS- Plan B does NOT abort) (2 min)

Rudy Giuliani defending sexual predator priest (ABC) (4 min)

Dinesh D'Souza on Fox & Friends - Hitchens Debate (3 min)

Bill O'Reilly talks to a 'Christian entertainer' about Kathy Griffin (5 min)

Bill Maher discusses Vatican approved "image" of John Paul II (2 min)

George Carlin on 'Countdown' with Keith Olbermann (MSNBC) (7 min)

Bill O'Reilly and Ben Stein on Creationism (5 min)

Fox News: The Left's War on Christians (3 min)

*Christopher Hitchens and Tom DeLay at the Hill's Book Fair (3 min)

Golden Compass- Is New Nicole Kidman Movie Promoting Atheism to Kids? (Fox) (5 min)

**HBO- Bill Maher's Real Time on Conservative Christians (5 min)

*NBC- A.J. Jacobs, Author of 'Year of Living Biblically' on Conan (8 min)

***Fox- Fox News Attacks "Godless" Free Thought Radio on Air America (6 min)

**National Geographic- Exorcism in the Phillipines (5 min)

*CNN- Eugenie Scott vs Frank Sherwin on Intelligent Design (2 min)

*MSNBC- Former Alabama Judge Roy Moore Knows Nothing About Evolution (1 min)

**Fox- Bill O'Reilly vs. Paul Gross on Intelligent Design (10 min)

*Air America- Pelosi, Stop Praying and Do Your Job- The Young Turks (4 min)

**FOX: Freethought Radio Coverage/Clip (7 min)

***The Atheists Spreading the Word (21 min)

**Creation Museum Grand Opening on Bill O'Reillys Show (28-May-07) (5 min)

*HBO- Bill Maher on Mitt Romney (3 min)

*Presidential Candidates- Would you treat non-religious Americans equally? (2 min)

*Fox- KSFX News report on the Flying Spaghetti Monster (3 min)

**HBO- Bill Maher Blasts Bush Employees from Pat Robertson's Law School (4 min)

***Richard Dawkins on The Late Late Shows, RTÉ 1, Ireland (28 min)

**Fox News- Ayaan Hirsi Ali on FOX News Sunday- Truth about Islam (3 min)

*National Geographic- Thai Worshippers Impale Themselves As Part of a Spiritual Ritual (4 min)

*WJXT- Shannon Spaulding's (Wolfson High School) Inappropriate Graduation Speech (3 min)

*CNN- Ayaan Hirsi Ali with Glenn Beck- Facing Fear (7 min)

*CBS News- Michael J. Fox Makes Stem Cell Plea with Katie Couric (4 min)

*ABC- Ayan Hirsi Ali on ABC News- Author of "Infidel", questions the validity of Islam (2 min)

**ABC- Dan Barker, Freedom From Religion Foundation, Sam Harris- Discuss Religion (3 min)

*FOX News- John Gibson of "My Word" on Fox News Says He's An Atheist (1 min)

*ABC- Sherri Shepherd Doen't Believe in Evolution/ the Earth May Be Flat- The View (3 min)

**HBO- Bill Maher on Religion- Real Time (9/21/2007) (4 min)

**PBS- Religion & Ethics Newsweekly- Dawkins, Harris, Sweeny, etc (1/7/07) (7 min)

*Fox News- Three Fake Atheists - 1/2 Hour News Hour- Bad Acting/Worse Satire (5 min)

*Fox News- Richard Dawkins on The O'Reilly Factor (5 min)

**MSNBC- Sam Harris on Scarborough Country with Richard Reed & Laura Ingraham (10/28/2004) (8 min)

***MSNBC- Sam Harris with Tucker Carlson- Hot and Bothered (9/16/2006) (5 min)

**Fox News- Sam Harris on The O'Reilly Factor- Re: Religion (2004) (5 min)

*Fox News- Sam Harris on The O'Reilly Factor- Re: Assisted Suicide (3/31/2005) (6 min)

*Fox News- Brian Flemming with John Kasich on the Blasphemy Challenge (5 min)

**MSNBC- Scarborough Country with Bill Maher Rails on Religion (8 min)

**Frontline News- The Fall of Religion? Europe is becoming less and less religious (4 min)

*Fox News- Nebraska State Senator Sues God (2 min)

*Air America Radio- The Young Turks- GOP Presidential Candidates and Evolution (2 min)

*Emmy Awards- Kathy Griffin Disses Jesus-"Suck It, Jesus"(1 min) Then Censored on Fox (2 min)

*CNN- Cafferty File- Americans Believe the Constitution Establishes a Christian Nation (2 min)

*HBO- Real Time with Bill Maher (9/7/07)- Wiccan Lottery Winner, Christian Missionaries, etc (6 min)

*Iowa Democratic Debate - Personal God (6 min)

*CNN- Larry King Live- Ronald Prescott Reagan- "Comes Out" of the "Athiest Closet" (1 min)

*BBC Radio- Richard Dawkins with John Cornwell- Discussed the "God Delusion" (6 min)

*BBC Radio 4- Yet Another Case of Church Child Abuse (8 min)

*CBS- News Interview With Joel Osteen- False Gospel? (4 min)

**CBS, MSNBC, HBO, ABC- Mother Teresa doubted the existence of God

**CBS- "Sunday Morning" Julia Sweeney, Christopher Hitchens, and Ellen Johnson (8/19/07) (10 min)

***CSPAN2- BookTV- Christopher Hitchens- LA Times Festival of Books- Harms of religion (7 min)

*MSNBC- Scarborough Country- Christopher Hitchens on Christmas (6 min)

*MSNBC- Christopher Hitchens on Hardball with Chris Matthews- on Princess Diana (9 min)

**HBO- Real Time with Bill Maher- with Christopher Hitchens (6 min)

**CNN- Paula Zahn Now- Ibrahim Hooper vs. Christopher Hitchens- Quran flushing controversy (16 min)

**CNN- Christopher Hitchens on Rev. Jerry Falwell's Death- Paula Zahn Now (5/22/07) (6 min)

**CNN- Christopher Hitchens on Rev. Jerry Falwell's Death- Anderson Cooper 360 (7 min)

**Fox- Christopher Hitchens on Rev. Jerry Falwell's Death- Hannity & Colmes (10 min)

**CNBC- Christopher Hitchens with Tim Russert and Jon Meacham (42 min)

**Fox News- Christopher Hitchens- Red Eye (4 min)

*GTV- Religion in American Politics- From "God in America" (8 min)

**CNN- Larry King Live- Bill Maher- Making New Documentary Movie, "Religulous" (4 min)

***CNN- Paula Zahn - Discrimination Against Atheists (9 min)

*Fox news: God Under Attack (4 min)

**MSNBC- Bill Maher - Apathist - on Scarborough Country (10 min)

**ABC- 20/20- Michael Shermer comments on John Edward(Medium) (9 min)

**CNN- Michael Shermer vs William Dembski- Teaching Intelligent Design in school (6 min)

**MSNBC- GOD Hates Bibles! (1 min)

**CNN- Lou Dobbs with Hitchens on Al Sharpton's Bigoted Remark (7 min)

*Hindu Prayer Interrupted In Senate By Christians (1 min)

***ABC- 20/20- The Price of Atheism (9.5 min)

**Fox News: Growing Atheist Movement in America (8 min)

**CNN- Paula Zahn Now- Dawkins Talks Atheism (8 min)

*NewsTalk- Atheist vs Christian: On School Prayer? (5 min)

*Inside Edition- Peter Popoff is Bigger Than Ever- Immoral faith healer (5 min)

**ABC- 20/20- Enough!- Evangelists Exposed! (7 min)

*Ex-Christian Exposes Lying Evangelists (9 min)

**Al-Jazeera- Wafa Sultan on Terrorism and Islam (7.5 min)

**Al-Jazeera- Wafa Sultan Speaks Out- Al-Jazeera (5.5 min)

**Julia Sweeney's Deconversion Story (30 min)

**Julia Sweeney: Letting Go of God (excerpt): (TED) (17 min)

**Julia Sweeney Letting Go of God (9 min)

Public Access- Athiest Viewpoint (several episodes)

***Public Access- The Atheist Experience- A great call-in public access show on atheism (90 min)


Quotes / Inspirational
Celebrity Atheists- You are not alone... (10 min)

Top 80 Best Short Atheist Quotes About Atheism And Religion (11 min)

Founding Fathers: The Dogmatisms and Dangers of Religion (5 min)

The Damned - Who's Who in Hell? (4 min)

Thomas Paine: Champion of Freedom and Reason (3 min)

A Nod To The Ladies - Atheist Women (A Breed Apart) (6 min)

Jesus Makes Me Laugh- This is a trailer for feature documentary in production (4 min)

Are Religious People Smarter?- Findings of Studies and Quotes From Great Men (7 min)

About the Holy Bible - Robert G. Ingersoll's - Read by Rhonda9 (19 min)

The Gods - Robert G Ingersoll- Read by Nick Gisburne (102 min)

**American Atheists- A Compilation of Accomplished Americans Who Happen To Be Atheists (9 min)

*Secular Quotes of Great People (10 min)

*Great Atheist Quotes (14 min)

***Pale Blue Dot (3.5 min)

***Atheist (You tube's most viewed atheist video)- Famous atheists and related statistics (5.5 min)


Humorous Videos

Prop 8- The Musical (Star-studded Cast) (3 min)

De-Baptism at the Texas Freethought Convention via The Mystical Hairdryer(4 min)

The Colbert Report: The Unquisition (4 min)

The Colbert Report: Attack on Easter (2 min)

The Colbert Report: Atheists in Foxholes (2 min)

Reegis & Kathy Lee (Parody)- I didn't evolve from you (1 min)

Better Know a Lobby: Atheism (Colbert Report) (7 min)

MythBusters: Does God Exist? (3 min)

Upright Citizen's Brigade: Christian Camp Counselor (4 min)

The Earth Is The Center Of The Universe! by Edward Current (4 min)

Anatomy of a 'god' delusion (Comic Strips) (4 min)

Religion Advertisement (2 min)

Coexist Comedy Tour- Atheist Comedian Goofing on Religion (6 min)

Coexist Comedy Tour- More Goofin' On Religion (3 min)

Everything in moderation...except Christianity! (7 min)

Dave Allen's thoughts about Adam and Eve (5 min)

Crackpot Religions Ltd. (Monty Python) ( 5 min)

Suspended: No Astrology Allowed trailer (5 min)

"Christmas and Easter"- Jim Gaffigan (5 min)

"I'd like to talk to you about Jesus" - Jim Gaffigan (8 min)

David Cross- Religion & Politics (7 min)

David Cross- "Seven Promises of a Promise Keeper" and The Bible (24 min)

David Cross- Atheist in Atlanta (10 min)

Dennis Miller on Religion (1990) (HBO) (3 min)

Doug Stanhope on Jews, Christians, etc. (7 min)

An Atheist Meets God (5 min)

George Carlin on Swearing on the Bible (10 min)

Lewis Black - The Old Testament (11 min)

Graham has some theological questions (4 min)

Bill Hicks - Enjoy the Lake of Fire! (5 min)

Apathetic Evangelizing (3 min)

Monty Python: Comfy Chair Inquisition Sketch (2 min)

Father Ted: Dougal schools the Bishop (2 min)

Stephen Colbert: Separation of Church and Plate (5 min)

Pat Condell: The curse of faith (6 min)

Sexpelled: No Intercourse Allowed (Parody) (2 min)

Crazy Preacher From Fletch Lives (2 min)

Satan Sign Prank (1 min)

Bible Dude takes on Illegal Downloads (5 min)

A New Pope- From a Galaxy Far, Far, Away (2 min)

The Lord Will Not Be Mocked! (4 min)

Richard Dawkins - Beware the Believers- funny animation (4 min)

Bill Maher: Burka Fashion Show (HBO) (5 min)

Priest Off! Commercial (1 min)

Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene (1 min)

The Colbert Report- The wonders of water and Noah's Ark (6 min)

The Colbert Report- The Gospel of John (Comedy Central) (5 min)

The Chaser's War on Everything: the Original sin (3 min)

The Worst Hymn Ever- The Comedy Network- Stewart Lee (5 min)

How to Choose a Religion (5 min)

Lil Bush and Evolution (Comedy Central) (8 min)

Biblical Comedy from KalsolarUK

Just For Laughs - Stewart Lee (6 min)

Fist of Fun - 1982 Amish (4 min)

Lee & Herring - Fist of Fun - "Fake Messiah" (7 min)

The complex mystical symbolism of the wedding service (3 min)

The Parable of The Prodigal Son (6 min)

Parable of the Charitable Man (5 min)

"Pause for a Thought "

Atheist Comedian (2 min)

Mr. Show - The Limits of Science (3 min)

The God Poll- Charles Firth ask Americans when do they think the second coming will be (4 min)

Calculate Your God Delusion Index (6 min)

People Are Not Animals! (And evolution never happened) (4 min)

Dueling Billboards (5 min)

Lewis Black on Politics and Religion (5 min)

Two Door-to-door Christians Get Desperate (3 min)

PROOF! Science is wrong! Christians are Right! (2 min)

Timmy's Wish- A little boy makes a wish that comes true with dire consequences (10 min)

Chasers War on Everything: Funny Mosque Signs (1 min)

Jesus Held Hostage Over Dog Poop (2 min)

Eddie Izzard - Noah & The Flood (10 min)

God Almighty? - and the VERY Holey Bible (5 min)

Fair and Balanced- Humorous analysis of CNN Atheist Bashing (7 min)

You ready for your miracle? (1 min)

Bible: The Movie (3 min)

Neuton's gravity was invented by Satan (4 min)

Literalist Christianity through an Atheist's eyes (absurdity) (1 min)

God isn't interested in technology (Time Bandits) (1 min)

The Foxhole Manifesto (Funny) (4 min)

Jesus Lectures Pat Robertson (5 min)

God Knows Absolutely Everything (4 min)

Eddie Izzard - Easter and Christmas (3 min)

Mr. Bean Nativity Scene - Merry Christmas Mr. Bean (3 min)

Ali G - Christmas Confusion (10 min)

QI - Origin of Christmas- Christianity and Mithras (BBC) (3 min)

Paulie Vs The Bible (3 min)

The Origin of God - Douglas Adams (4 min)

Fundamentalist Science Kit (1 min)

Marcus Brigstocke Comments on the Pope on The Late Edition Live (1 min)

I am God - Nick Gisburne (10 min)

Ministry on the Street - Pastor CJ - Way of the Banana (3 min)

10 Things I Hate About Commandments (2 min)

Rowan Atkinson Amazing Jesus (4 min)

Compilation of Quotes from Landover Baptist Church Pastor Deacon Fred

Kathy Griffin responds to the right-wing backlash over her Emmy acceptance speech joke (9 min)

Dewey on God - Malcolm In the Middle (2 min)

George Carlin- I used to be Irish Catholic (11 min)

Jim Norton on Islamophobia (5 min)

Ricky Gervais: FAME - Religion (6 min)

Checkmate, Atheists! 10 absolute truths that prove christianity (4 min)

Jimmy Kimmel Live - Finding Jesus (2 min)

Top ten Signs you might be a Fundamentalist Christian (2 min)

My Afternoon With Reverend Zero (5 min)

The Holy Fucking Bible (by Nick Gisburne)

***Terminator Protects Jesus (5 min)

South Park- All about the Mormons (10 min)

Stephen Lynch on Catholic Priests - Song (5 min)

Resisting The Urge: A Guide For Christian Boys (5 min)

Jimmy Kimmel talks about Ted Haggard (5 min)

Sunday Heroes- A series of sketches from "This Morning with Richard Not Judy" (BBC)

Michael Shermer on the Colbert Report (Comedy Central) (6 min)

Funniest bit of 'Life of Brian' (5 min)

Door to Door Atheist! Rant on Mormons. (5 min)

Funny Jesus Video- Mystery Bible Theater 2000 (2 min)

Funny Jesus (2 min)

Dave Allen on Religion (6 min)

Kathy Griffin - no one swears more than catholics (2 min)

God, Inc (series)

Faking the rapture- Some stupid girl is pranked and thinks she was 'left behind' (6 min)

**American Dad Meets an Atheist (10 min)

Bill Hicks- Christian fundamentalists and their strange beliefs (4 min)

Robin Williams Comment on Moses (3 min)

Robin Williams Comments on Islam (2 min)

Nick Gisburne Videos (Many)

***George Carlin: The Sanctity of Life and Religious Violence (4 min)

***Joe Rogan - Noah's Ark- Rogan rips on the Noah's Ark story (4 min)

**Kyle Cease - Comics Unleashed- The immaculate conception and creation (1 min)

**Louis CK learns about the Catholic Church- The true purpose of the church (5 min)

*Prank Calls to Religious Shows- (Disclaimer: I don't advocate prank calls)

***Hand of the Almighty by John Butler- God will f**k you up! (2 min)

**Margaret Cho - Christians have lost their minds (7 min)

**Bad, Mad and Possibly Illegal Church Signs (5 min)

**Christianity 101- A Collection of Cartoons Critical of Christianity (3 min)

**Atheism vs Ignorance- More Funny Cartoons (4 min)

**Rowan Atkinson Comedy (several short sketches)

**Tribute to Kent Hovind- (Strong Language in This Video) (4 min)

*Meter Maid Jesus (1 min)

*Disclaimer for the Bible - Please Read (1 min)

*Jesus Does Standup (2 min)

**Jesus Answers More Questions at Comedy Club (4 min)

***Pastor Deacon Fred (Landover Baptist) Preaches to Thousands of Atheists- Hilarious Satire (10 min)

*Submissive Jesus Ad (2 min)

**Lewis Black- Fossils Are The Devil's Handiwork (4 min)

*Jesus Was a Great Jewish Magician - Marc Maron (1 min)

*My Wife Dumped Me For a Guy Named Jesus (3 min)

Bill Hicks Revelations - 1993 (HBO) (56 min)

**An Atheist Nearly Converts (5 min)

***George Carlin on Religion (10.5 min)

**Religion ala Eddie Izzard (6 min)

*South Park- "Go God Go!" (Part 1) (Part 2)

*Become An Athiest Today! (1 min)

**Jesus Christ the Musical (1 min)

***Christianity vs Islam- Steven Colbert vs Steve Carell (3 min)

**Holy Homosexuals- Archbishop eter Jensen is asked which parts of the Bible are still relevant (3 min)

***Marcus Brigstocke's- 3 Abrahamic Faiths Rant- The Now Show (7/21/07) (8 min)

*Jesus loves you (Conditionaly) (2.5 min)

*Songs of Praise (With Subtitles) (2 min)

**Alexie Sayle- God Sketch (2 min)

***Irreverant, Very, Very Funny Songs by Roy Zimmerman (several songs)

***George Carlin - Defrags the 10 Commandments (7 min)

**Flirting with a Westboro Church man (4 min)

*Joseph... You are NOT the Father (0.5 min)

***Mr. Deity- seasons 1 & 2

***Atheist Nightmare- Ray Comfort's Intelligent (Banana) Design & A Rational Response (11 min)

**The Atheist Delusion (3 min)

***Magic man Doneit! (3.5 min)

*George Carlin on MAD TV - Touched by an Atheist (3.5 min)

**Flying Spaghetti Monster vs The Incredible Pink Unicorn(3 min)

**Kissing Hank's Ass (7.5 min)

*God is a Dummy (3 min)

**Mormonisation- Nick Gisburne (36 min)


Evolution/ Science

Irrefutable Proof of Evolution (38 min)

The Evolution of Homosexuality (5 min)

Evidence for Evolution (PBS) (5 min)

Evolution in Action (PBS) (4 min)

The Genius of Charles Darwin- Part 1 (48 min)

The Genius of Charles Darwin- Part 2 (48 min)

How the Eye Evolved (4 min)

How Evolution Works (55 min)

Proof of Evolution 3- Atavisms and Fossils (10 min)

Robert Full: How engineers learn from evolution (TED) (21 min)

Louise Leakey: Digging for humanity's origins (16 min)

How Evolution REALLY Works (20 min)

Evidence for Evolution (26 min)

Evolution Genetic Tool Kit (5 min)

The Neanderthal Debate (Telegraph TV) (10 min)

Evolution vs. Creationism (155 min)

Darwins Comet Orchid- Darwin's prediction confirmed after 142 years (5 min)

Analysis of "Question of Origins" (80 min)

Ape Genius (PBS Nova) (1 min)

Richard Dawkins: The Salamander's Tale (8 min)

Richard Dawkins: The Giant Tortoise's Tale (8 min)

Emergence - Complexity from Simplicity (12 min)

Intelligent Design and Creationism/Evolution Controversy (Eugenie Scott) (88 min)

Does Teaching Intelligent Design Benefit Science Education? (FORAtv)

Transitional Fossils (18 min)

Definitive Proof of Evolution (20 min)

Top Myths About Evolution (10 min)

What Every Creationist Must Deny by Denying Evolution (9 min)

Evidence for Evolution, Part II - Vitamin C Gene (6 min)

Whale Evolution (10 min)

Human Ancestry Made Easy (10 min)

Henry Rollins - Evolution (3 min)

How Evolution Happens in 5 min (5 min)

Kansas State Board of Education Evolution Hearings (280 min)

Human Evolution Made Easy (10 min)

Evolutionary History of Religion by Douglas Adams (4 min)

The Theory of Evolution Made Easy (10 min)

Natural Selection Made Easy (10 min)

Transitional Fossil-Tiktaalik (6 min)

Evolution and creationism - from Dilbert, Family Guy and the Simpsons (3 min)

Evidence of Common Ancestry: ERVs & Chromome 2 (20 min)

'Growing Up in the Universe' Ep 1: Waking Up in the Universe (Richard Dawkins) (58 min)
'Growing Up in the Universe' Ep 2: Designed and Designoid Objects (Richard Dawkins) (58 min)
'Growing Up in the Universe' Ep 3: Climbing Mount Improbable (Richard Dawkins) (58 min)
'Growing Up in the Universe' Ep 4: The Ultraviolet Garden (Richard Dawkins) (55 min)
'Growing Up in the Universe' Ep 5: The Genesis of Purpose (Richard Dawkins) (58 min)

Micro vs. Macro Evolution- you can't believe in one without the other (5 min)

Creationism vs. Science: The Evolution of the Eye (9 min)

Chimps vs Humans photographic memory test (1 min)

How Endogenous Retroviruses work and how they show common ancestry

Highlight of the Evolution/ID Trial- Intelligent Design can't refute this. (5 min)

Michael Shermer - Evolutionary Economics (20 min)

Predictions of the Theory of Evolution That Have Come to be True (8 min)

There are Many, Many Transitional Fossils- Watch and See (12 min)

Waking Up in the Universe- Richard Dawkins- The Royal Institute Lectures (1991) (58 min)

The Blind Watch Maker- Richard Dawkins & Jeremy Taylor (BBC- 1987) (48 min)

Critical Analysis of John Pendleton's Age of the Earth- by ExtantDodo (35 min)
Critical Analysis of Ken Ham's Do Animals Evolve?- by ExtantDodo (45 min)
Critical Analysis of Ken Ham's What is the Only Answer to Racism- by ExtantDodo (45 min)
Critical Analysis of Way of the Master's Evolution- Ray Comfort & Kirk Cameron- by ExtantDodo (43 min)
Critical Analysis of Icons of Evolution- The Discovery Institute- by ExtantDodo (90 min)
Critical Analysis of the Molecular Collapse of Evolution- by ExtantDodo (28 min)
Critical Analysis of "Case for a Creator" by Lee Strobel- by ExtantDodo (110 min)
Critical Analysis of Eternal Productions'- A Question of Origins- by ExtantDodo (55 min)
Critical Analysis of Kent Hovind's Age of the Earth (25 min)

Critical Analysis of Kent Hovind's Garden of Eden (50 min)
Critical Analysis of Kent Hovind's Dinosaurs and the Bible (34 min)
Critical Analysis of A Question of Origins (54 min)
Critical Analysis of Evolution vs. Creation- Janet Folger (56 min)

Howard Hughes Medical Institute- Sexual Evolution: From X to Y- Dr. David C. Page (60 min)

Howard Hughes Medical Institute- Endless Forms Most Beautiful- David Kingsley- 2005 (58 min)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute- Selection in Action- David Kingsley- 2005 (58 min)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute-Fossils, Genes, and Embryos-David Kingsley- 2005 (58 min)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute- From Butterflies to Humans- 2005 (58 min)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute- Evolution and Religion- David Kingsley- 2005 (70 min)

Evolution IS a Blind Watchmaker (10 min)

Kent Hovind Destroyed by Evolution Grad Student (20 min)

Big Numbers: a Concept Creationists Don't Understand (5 min)

The Evolution of Irreducible Complexity (6 min)

Darwin's Dangerous Idea by Dan Dennet (62 min)

Origins of Life - Panspermia (30 min)

Origins of Life - Lecture by John Maynard Smith (60 min)

Evolution: From the Fossil Record to Genomic Revolution (30 min)

Evolutionary Design- Computers Can Provide Design Variations No Human Would Have Imagined (5 min)

Micro vs. Macro Growth- A Logical Expansion of Micro/Macro Evolution Distinction of the Creationists (3 min)

What Evolution Isn't- What Theists Often Get Wrong (6 min)

Evolutionary Theory- Some Basics- Dispells Common Misconceptions (3 min)

There Are NO Transition Fossils, or So They Say. Watch and Learn (2 min)

Where Did Organic Matter Come From? (7 min)

Refuting Evolution (from HBO's Friends of God) (6 min)

The Creation Museum Teaches Super Evolution (8 min)

Why Young Earth Creationists are WRONG (11 min)

Stupid Design- (5 min)

Kent Hovind - Truth in Arguments (10 min)

Walking with Cavemen- First Ancestors (30 min)
Walking with Cavemen- Blood Brothers (30 min)
Walking with Cavemen- Savage Family (30 min)
Walking with Cavemen- The Survivors (30 min)

The Origin of Life Made Easy (7.5 min)

Evidence for Evolution (2.5 min)

How Evolution Causes an Increase in Information (16 min)

Evolution vs. Creationism: Listen to the Scientists (10 min)

Intelligent Design Vs Evolution [BBC] (8 min)

Ken Miller on Intelligent Design at Case Western University (124 min)

Why Intelligent Design is Wrong (8 min)

Chris Stringer on Early Human Evolution (28 min)

Human Life: Evolution to Self-Evolution (49 min)

Search for the First Human (55 min)

Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey (115 min)

Dawkins' Lecture on Neo-Darwinism (72.5 min)

Dawkins on Sex Ratio Theory and Sexual Selection (31 min)

Evolution (PBS)- What About God? (56 min)
Evolution (PBS)- Darwin's Dangerous Idea (110 min)
Evolution (PBS)- Great Transformations (60 min)
Evolution (PBS)- Extinction! (60 min)
Evolution (PBS)- The Evolutionary Arms Race (60 min)
Evolution (PBS)- Why Sex? (60 min)
Evolution (PBS)- The Mind's Big Bang (60 min)

A MUST see for creationists! (7 min)

Evolution for ID-iots (version 1.0 and 2.0) (10 min)

Genetic Evidence Planted by SATAN! (15.5 min)

Creationist Skeptics. by FightingAtheist (8 min)

Intelligent Design (Rocks in the Head) (8 min)

Ignore Young Earth Creationists (9 min)

Richard Dawkins vs Kent Hovind- Evolution of the eye (3.5 min)


Religious People Being Immoral/Stupid

Christian Right Prays to the Golden Calf (3 min)

Jonestown: Massacre News Reel (4 min)

Christian Man Baby Sings and Laughs Maniacally For Jesus (3 min)

The Bible supports slavery (4 min)

Another Danger of Religion - Fear of Medicine (3 min)

U.S. Financial Aid to Israel (4 min)

Michael Savage Ridiculously Goes Off on Gay Marriage (5 min)

Pro Life Republican Pays For Abortion (5 min)

Christian Preacher vs. Muslim Woman (1 min)

Christian Fundie Child Abuse (8 min)

When Do Child Killers Go Free In America: If It's Religion! (5 min)

Why Doesn't Grandma Resurrect? (2 min)

Christian Homophobe Heckles Gay Bishop (2 min)

Evangelical preacher kills wife, hides body in freezer (CNN) (7 min)

Hovindism #1 Definition of Evolution (18 min)

Why Religion Sickens Me - Jehovah's Witnesses (9 min)

"Preaching" Kids (20 min)

Illinois State Rep. Monique Davis Spews Hate at Atheist (3 min)

Racist Priest slaps black woman in church (1 min)

Creationism Dishonesty and Immorality (13 min)

Religious mom kills "demon possessed" kids (10 min)

News report about a Pastor, Mayor, and Internet Predator (ABC) (3 min)

Louis Theroux meets the Israeli Church of UPK (7 min)

Another example of islamic justice (2 min)

Hamas Fatah- the religion of peace (1 min)

The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society and Sexual Abuse (3 min)

Theists Say the Darndest Things (9 min)

Paul Hill Days: the Celebration by Believers of the Murder of a Doctor (8 min)

Hitler did not base his views on evolution- read his own words (4 min)

It's a miracle! (3 min)

God milk? (6 min)

Westboro Church Press Release (1 min)

Homosexuality and Christianity (10 min)

Sweden - Islam's victory in Europe (2 min)

Christian missionaries destroy culture (5 min)

God: Terrorist of Love (2 min)

Michael Savage rant gets Terror group in unroar (5 min)

Michael Savage bashing Alan Dershowitz (7 min)

What's wrong with religion? (3 min)

God and the Hitler Oath (1 min)

Marjoe Gortner the Pentecostal child preacher (6 min)

Islam: Pay the Jizyah (Protection Money) or Die (3 min)

A real suicide bombing (2 min)

Not So Great Minds- Vile quotes from some very godly people (6 min)

God Wants You To Make Money! (4 min)

Racist Muslim: Kill White Women, Children, Babies (2 min)

Cargo Cults- Sufficiently advanced technology is like magic (4 min)

Religious Idiocy- a small sampling of some really stupid religious people (3 min)

Another Big, Fat Lying Preacher (2 min)

The Standing Babas- Culture Shock (5 min)

Holy Rats!- Culture Shock: The Rat Temple (6 min)

TV Ministries Under Investigation by the Senate (9 min)

Fred Phelps clashes with Rick Sanchez over Snyder verdict (FOX) (3 min)

Military families take 'Westboro Church' to Court (2 min)

Benny Hinn - Master of Suspense (1 min)

Working for my lord- Brainwashed Children (2 min)

Oral Roberts University President Denies Charges - Reuters (1 min)

Racist Rabbi (1 min)

Jewish Thugs Harassing Landowners (2 min)

Jim Jones Kills 1,000 in Jesus' Name (3 min)

Winning Haiti from Satan to Christ- Crazy Healthcare Courtesy of Religious Mindset (5 min)

Religious Murder Through the Ages (2 min)

***Morris Cerullo 'Miracles'- Scandalous and discraceful faith healer (1 min)

*Wiccan VS Evangelist- Another great Christian storyteller/liar (3 min)

Crazy Christians in South Korea (7 min)

Big Fibbin'- A Music Video Brought to You by Westboro Baptist Church (2 min)

Scandal: A Timeline of Abuse (5 min)

Shirley Phelps-Roper on Fox News Spews Christian Hate (Part 1- 6 min) (Part 2- 5 min)

Christians Steal Money From People For Personal Use- Benny Hinn (NBC) (10 min)

In God We Trust Rally Inspires Hate From Knights of Columbus (5 min)

God Warrior Lady Goes Crazy on Trading Spouses (Fox) (6 min)

Christian Nuts Exposed on Campus (25 min)

Pissed Catholic Mother- The Reason Why Many Atheists Prefer The Closet (1 min)

Extremely Angry "Preacher" [graphic language] (3 min)

Pat Roberston Being Himself... An Idiot. (30 min)

Christian Gauntlet at the GAMOW (3 min)

Swearing Hood Preacher- I Want To Join This Guy's Church, yo... Well, On Second Thought....(9 min)

Holy Ghost Enema- An Out-of-Breath Minister Talks About a... Well... Then Goes Crazy. (2 min)

Demonic Exorcism- Another Crooked Televangelist Bob Larson (10 min)

Hitler Was a Faithfull Christian (5 min)

Crazy Screaming Christian at Some Jesus Camp (1 min)

Self-Induced Religious Fit During an Inappropriate Graduation Ceremony Speach (5 min)


Exposing Religious Myth & Nonsense

Carbon dating doesn't work -- debunked (10 min)

Is the Universe designed for us? (4 min)

Needless suffering disproves a loving God (3 min)

Hovindism Bonus #1- Attacking the Smithsonian (7 min)

Hovindism #2- 1st Law of Thermodynamics (14 min)

A Scientist's Critique of Ben Stein's Expelled (10 min)

Hector Avalos: How Archaeology Killed Biblical History (38 min)

Refuting the Kalam and Fine Tuning Argument- The Road to Atheism (11 min)

Breaking Down Atheist Prejudice (4 min)

The Claim "Atheism/ Teaching Evolution Lead to Immorality" - DEBUNKED (10 min)

Why Do You Believe In God? The Bible is immoral (11 min)

Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism (100 min)

Skeptics Guide vs. IDiots (7 min)

Creationist Junk Debunked #1 - Introduction

List of Scientists Rejecting Evolution- Do they really? Analysis of Discovery Institute (10 min)

Taking Out The Ontological Argument (9 min)
Taking Out the Fine-Tuning Argument (11 min)
Taking Out The Cosmological Argument (9 min)

Sanal Edamaruku Challenges Tantra Black Magic, ''Risking" His Life (30 min)

Noah's Ark and the Cheetah (7 min)

How to Debate Creationists (13 min)

Creation and Evolution- Teach Both! Examination (4 min)

Creationism's Damage to Christianity (18 min)

Why Young Earth Creationists Must Deny Gravity (9 min)

Dr Michio Kaku on Religious Immortality (BBC) (3 min)

Analysis of "startling proofs, does god exist?" (30 min)

Religion, The Pyramid Game (6 min)

Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism (50 min)

Religion is a mental disorder (25 min)

The Virgin Births - How many have been born this way? (3 min)

Faith and Reason (30 min)

Morality- Do we need god to be good? (30 min)

"Actually..." A series making creationists look ridiculous (many parts)

Proving the Leprechaun- Theists' best argument applies to anything! (1 min)

God Doesn't Exist? Prove It! (3 min)

God's Cool Designs- Amazing what we see when we look at the design of humans (5 min)

Debunking Harun Yahya's Atlas of Creation

Arguments From God- Why most theistic arguments fail (25 min)

Hairy Problem for Creationists (7 min)

How can we be moral without God? (3 min)

We've Heard It Already Again- Debunking of especially bad yet common theist arguments (10 min)

A Creation theory that DOES make predictions- Flying Spaghetti Monster Doneit (3 min)

Morality- Why it does not come from a god (20 min)

Top 25 Creationist Fallacies (25 min)

Ken Ham Vs Me- Analysis of Creation "Science" (7 min)

All Ideas are NOT Created Equal- Intelligent Design Critique (5 min)

10 Questions That Every Intelligent Christian Must Answer (11 min)

**Invalid Arguments- Several arguments used to support theism, which are completely invalid (4 min)

*Allah Nerede(God Where?)- Where is God for starving children? (2 min)

We've Heard It Already- Arguments Theists Need to Stop Using! (9 min)

The Logic of God- Why the Concept of the Judeo-Christian God is Illogical (5 min)

The Creationist Concept of "Kind" (7 min)

Top 5 Craziest Relgions (7 min)

Coincidence or Miracle?- Are strange events proof of anything? (7 min)

Intelligent Design: Who Designed the Designer? (4 min)

Theist Arguements- A Point-by-Point Dismanteling of Faulty Theist Arguments

Pascal's Wager- The Worst Argument Used For Belief (5 min)

Evolution and Creationism: The Test of Faith! (4 min)

The Story of the Earth Made Easy- Why the Earth is Not 6,500 Years Old (10 min)

How To Prove There Is No God (10 min)

The End of Monotheism - Cutting Down the World's Top 3 (7 min)

The Ethics of Hell- and How Religions Survive (6 min)

Religious Faith Morality & Epistemological Absurdities (10 min)

Does Religion Make You a Better Person? (5 min)

Proving the Power of Prayer (3 min)

Theist Logical Falacies- a brief overview of 22 common logical falacies (9 min)

The Dangers of Tolerance (3 min)

Holy Books? by FightingAtheist (5 min)

Confessions of a Former Christian. by FightingAtheist (5 min)

Questions for God. by FightingAtheist (1.5 min)

Miracles and Freewill. by FightingAtheist (4 min)

God Does Not Exist. by FightingAtheist (5 min)


.. Christian Nonsense
There's lots of evidence for Jesus! (Sarcasm) (3 min)

II Kings Cannibals- Humorous look at a bible study (3 min)

Would they die, for the lie, of a suicidal guy? (5 min)

Contradictions in the Bible (14 min)

The Fathers of Christianity (4 min)

My Call in to "Faith on Trial" with Pastor David (3/1/08) (10 min)

The Creation According to Genesis (7 min)

Creationism vs Science - who wins? (4 min)

Todd Allen Gates: Using the Socratic method with a Christian Proselytizer (60 min)
Todd Allen Gates: Job: an awkward combination of two separate tales? (25 min)
Todd Allen Gates: The evolution of the Bible's depiction of the afterlife (30 min)
Todd Allen Gates: God sacrifices self to appease self--"barking mad?" (18 min)
Todd Allen Gates: Satan's pre-Christian virgin birth stories (10 min)

Jesus Pagan Links (6 min)

Foobie Jesus- Stupid people see Jesus everywhere. No EVERYWHERE (7 min)

Brainwash?... The Baptist Woman of Lafayette, Louisiana (3 min)

Pat Robertson: Bush "Asking for the Wrath of God"- Standing in the way of peace (2 min)

More Immorality Plainly Laid Out in the Bible (10 min)

Satan and God: who is the good guy? (4 min)

Communion (how many pounds of Jesus eaten last year?) (2 min)

Wisdom of the Bible (series)

Salvation mountain (4 min)

Pope Benedict's Shortcut Through Purgatory (2 min)

"Bible Stories Your Parents Never Taught You"- Mike Earl (Book Reading)

A Crafty, Talking Serpent? Do you take Genesis literally? (5 min)

God Kills People? (10 min)

Is the Bible Authentic? (10 min)

God is love? (30 min)

Biblical Contradictions (60 min)

Backward messages on Religious Evangelists (2 min)

The Bible has no place in our society ( (11 min)

Rabbi Lapin: Ancient Solutions for a Modern World (8 min)

The Bible Makes Perfect Sense... a list of Bible Contradictions (4 min)

Would God Lie About the Age of the Universe? (4 min)

An Atheist Who Studied at a Bible College Discusses Biblical Inerrancy

Half a Dozen Reasons the Bible Isn't True (3 min)

Literalist Christianity through an Atheist's eyes (1 min)

The bible: An example of morality?

Gore Vidal- "Thats why Im an atheist not an agnostic..." (8 min)

Young preacher talks evolution (3 min)

Proving that the pope has never read the Bible (4 min)

Jesus Protects Us From Being Poisoned (4 min)

***The Goon Bible Project - Book of Job (30 min)

Skeptic Bible Study: Life Begins When?- by John Armstrong (8 min)
Skeptic Bible Study: Top 10 Reasons to Reject Pascal's Wager- by John Armstrong (4 min)
Skeptic Bible Study: Genesis - by John Armstrong (16 min)
Skeptic Bible Study: 10 Commandments- by John Armstrong (7 min)
Skeptic Bible Study: Jesus Loves Slavery- by John Armstrong (5 min)
Skeptic Bible Study: Flip-Flopping Jesus- by John Armstrong (10 min)
Skeptic Bible Study: Two Greatest Fears- by John Armstrong (6 min)
Skeptic Bible Study: Pedophilia in the Bible- by John Armstrong (4 min)
Skeptic Bible Study: Jesus Never Existed- by John Armstrong (9 min)
Skeptic Bible Study: Jesus Hates Sex- by John Armstrong (4 min)
Skeptic Bible Study: Jesus Hates Democracy!- by John Armstrong (4 min)
Skeptic Bible Study: Rape in the Bible- by John Armstrong (4 min)
Skeptic Bible Study: Second Coming- by John Armstrong (3 min)
Skeptic Bible Study: Greatest Absurdity, the Tower of Babel- by John Armstrong (3 min)
Skeptic Bible Study: The Watchmaker- by John Armstrong (3 min)
Skeptic Bible Study: America's Founding- by John Armstrong (7 min)
Skeptic Bible Study: Gay Bashing Bible- by John Armstrong (6 min)
Skeptic Bible Study: Fruitful Jewish-Egyptians- by John Armstrong (2 min)
Skeptic Bible Study: Inherently Dangerous (6 min)
Skeptic Bible Study: Where's Yahweh? (8 min)
Skeptic Bible Study: Injustice (4 min)
Skeptic Bible Study: Gospel Lies (6 min)

Skeptic Bible Study: The Bible's War on Xmas (2 min)
Skeptic Bible Study: Gender (3 min)
Skeptic Bible Study: Free Soul (2 min)
Skeptic Bible Study: Jesus Timeline (6 min)
Skeptic Paul Studies: Sleazy Sales Tactics (2 min)

Skeptic Bible Study: Historical Documents? (10 min)

Skeptic Bible Study: Pagan Influences (6 min)

God's Abortions- Have You Read the Bible? (5 min)

Kent Hovind vs Molecular Geneticist- On The Infidel Guy Radio Show (10 min)

Kent Hovind - Truth in Arguments (10 min)

Noah's Ark - Looking at the Evidence (7 min)

The Christian Fallacy: Circular Logic (10 min)

Proving That the Bible is Repulsive (10 min)

Christianity and Islam (Dumb and Dumber)(5 min)

Dover Trial - Intelligent Design Get's It's Day In Court (50 min)

Christianity Bulshit Exposed (16 min)

Why Do People Laugh at Creationists? (Many parts)

Harry Potter & Wicca One in the Same? (10 min)

Does Jesus Fullfill the Old Testament? (15 min)

Church Bans Baby Yoga Group- Who Knew Satan Was Into Yoga? (3 min)

Rapture Ready: The Christians United for Israel Tour (10 min)

How Do We Know Christians Are Delusional? (10 min)

Are Gospels Evidence For Jesus? One Man's Examination of the Facts (20 min)

The God Awful Truth - Trailer (2 min)

Top Ten Signs You're a Fundamentalist Christian (2 min)

Religious Litter at the Texas State Capitol (aka The Ten Commandments) (5 min)

Possible Origins of Christianity? (43 min) Review

Creationist Museum (6 min)

Noah's Ark and other Bible Nonsense - Nick Gisburne (76 min)

Atheist on the Bible- Part 1: Original Sin & God's Plan (5 min), Part 2: Moses (10 min)

Prophecies: Don't Use the Bible to Prove the Bible (10.5 min)

Jesus Did Exist! by FightingAtheist (7 min)

Atheist Guide to Refuting Moderate Christians (11 min)


.. Muslim Nonsense

Islamic honour killing of women in Europe (5 min)

1st White Female Convert to Islam to be Suicide Bomber (CNN) (3 min)

Pakistani Charged in Daughter's "Honor Killling" (5 min)

Islam Children's Rights Abused (Al-Jazeera) (5 min)

Every Muslim Should Be a Terrorist (Al-Jazeera) (7 min)

Hamas Bunny Assud Threatens to Kill Danes over Cartoons (7 min)

Interview with Danish Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard (24 min)

Message from a would-be suicide bomber (Al Jazeera) (3 min)

Virgins of Paradise (1 min)

FITNA by Geert Wilders- Exposes Islam for what it really is. (17 min)

Healing of Jinn Possessed Girl (3 min)

Child abuse in the name of God (5 min)

Geert Wilders Speaks: Anti-Koran Film (Fox) (16 min)

Muhammd's Superstitions (8 min)

75% of New Muslims become Apostates - Muslim scholars admit. (10 min)

Pakistan: Girls of the Red Mosque (13 min)

Muslim Father Kills Two Daughters in the USA (CBS) (2 min)

Hajj pilgrims stone the 'devil' - 19 Dec 07 (3 min)

So You Say Women are Never Forced to Wear Hijab? (1 min)

Wife Beating in Islam - Only a rod will help! (3 min)

Jihad: Christian Priest Burned to Death in Nigeria over Cartoons (3 min)

Iranian modesty police in action (2 min)

Robert Spencer interviewed about "The Truth About Muhammad" (8 min)

Ohio No Stranger to Radical Islam (5 min)

Robert Spencer: The Next Moves of Radical Islam (10 min)

A short segment about 'Honor Killings' in Turkey (5 min)

Holy war: Misinterpreted - 20 Nov 07 (Al Jazeera) (3 min)

Allah Made Me Do It- Quotes from the Qur'an

Servants to Allah- some quranic verses recited by some pious Muslims (2 min)

London Extremists of Islam: "The Religion of Peace" (5 min)

Children of Jihad- Immoral indoctrination of children to violence (8 min)

The Truth About Muhammad - Robert Spencer (4 min)

Robert Spencer On Jihadi Doctors (FOX) (4 min)

How to combat Islamophobia- Robert Spencer

The 'Joy' of Islam- Cartoons (5 min)

What have the converts to Islam been up to? Spreading the Religion of Peace (2 min)

Eating with a Burka, No Bib Required (1 min)

Has Islam been hijacked in the UK? - Al Jazeera (18 min)

Why Democracy? - Bloody Cartoons (54 min)

Panorama: How I Became a Muslim Extremist (BBC 1) (10/1/07) (30 min)

Muslim Cleric claims "Cure for Aids" in Muslim text (5 min)

Muslim scholar on religious propagation- Can other religions be taught in a Muslim state? (5 min)

This World: Inside a Shari'ah Court- Ruhi Hamid (BBC 2)- What if Islamic Law ruled the land? (50 min)

Shia Chain Beating to Commemorate the "Martyrdom" of Imam Hussein (1 min)

Wafa Sultan on the Mohammed Cartoons (9 min)

Glenn Beck: Islam- The Extremist Agenda (33 min)

X-Rated Islamic Heaven (8 min)

Discover Islam- The Religion of Peace? (1 min)

Divorce Iranian Style (76 min)

Many You Tube Videos On Islam From InvestigateIslam and Ritter1001

Islam Allows Prayers for the Annihilation of Christians (2 min)

Muslim Mickey Mouse: I Love Death and Mayhem! (39 min)

Radical Islam: Why We Want to Kill You (16 min)

Al-Jazeera- How Many Jews Did Mama Kill? (3 min)

Repetitions of Quran Lies (47 min)

The Trouble With Islam (5 min)

Islamic Science - 9th-12th Century (3 min)

The Consequence of Muhammad Being a Pedophile (5 min)

Killing of Non-Muslims is Legitimate (British Mullah) (4 min)

Chilling Islamic Demonstration Over Cartoons (11 min)

Allah Allows Men To Use Slave Girls As Young As 6 For Explicit Purposes (6 min)

The Origins of the Koran and Islam (8 min)


.. Mormon Nonsense

DNA, Geography, and the Book of Mormon (25 min)

The Many Wives of Joseph Smith (60 min)

60 minutes on Magic Mormon Underpants (2 min)

Magic mormon underwear (5 min)

Carolyn Jessop on her Escape from the FLDS (FORAtv) (40 min)

Richard Land on Mitt Romney and Mormonism- Hannity & Colmes (Fox) (3 min)

Mormonism & American Politics: Noah Feldman (FORAtv) (60 min)

Mormonism & American Politics: Early Encounters (FORAtv) (120 min)

Frontline/PBS Documentary on "The Mormons." (240 min)

Extreme Mormons - The Movie (3 min)

The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon (66 min)

Fallacy In The Mormon Church (25 min)

John Safran vs Mormons (5 min)


.. Scientology Nonsense

Colbert Report- Scientology's Galactic Overlord (4 min)

Scientology: When Douchebags Attack (5 min)

Scientology: When Douchebags have no LIFE (7 min)

Scientology and Censorship: See for yourself! (3 min)

Ex Sci Arnie Lerma & Ex CIA Boris Korczak discuss Scientology (9 min)

Jerry O'Connell Mocks Tom Cruise & Scientology (3 min)

Scientology: Jason Beghe Interview (120 min)

Scientology (Nightline- NBC)(4/24/2008) (20 min)

Introduction to Scientology (8 min)

Bob Adams, Vice-President of Scientology, Radio Interview (36 min)

David Miscavige Niece talks about Scientology (4 min)

Scientology and the Clearwater Police (20 min)

The Truth About Scientology (7 min)

Scientologist murders family (5 min)

Contractor vs Church of Scientology (2 min)

Chasers Free Gullibility Test- Spoof of Scientology (3 min)

Scientology: Blackmailing Celebrities to control them (5 min)

Scientology orientation Film (36 min)

Scientology: Explaining the Tom Cruise Videotape (5 min)

Scientology: Interview with Andrew Morton (7 min)

Tom Cruises Scientology Speech (10 min)

Scientology Crazy Followers (10 min)

Scientology & Me- Panorama (BBC) (29 min) (Review)

Scientology: Inside the Church of Scientology (25 min) (Review)


Skeptical Videos

Bogosity Episode 1: Astrology (30 min)

Bogosity Episode 2: "Evolution vs. Creation" (30 min)

Bogosity Episode 3: Lunar Lunacy (19 min)

Episode 5: The Bible Codes (25 min)

Bogosity Ep. 7: Pareidolia (30 min)

Bullshit! Talking to the Dead (25 min)

Psychics John Edward, Sylvia Browne, and Rosemary Altea respond to James Randi (9 min)

Derren Brown - Cold Reading (10 min)

Guide to Cold Reading Techniques (35 min)

Psychic Surgery Unmasked (NBC) (6 min)

James Randi on Extra - Psychic Surgery (4 min)

James Randi on Charles Grodin Show with Van Praagh (8 min)

James Randi on Fox News - Char Margolis Analysis (7 min)

CBS This Morning - Van Praagh with Penn Jillette and James Randi (7 min)

James Van Praagh vs Michael Shermer (ABC) (20 min)

JREF Question on "Who Wants to be a Millionare" (ABC) (4 min)

The Power of Belief John Stossel w James Randi (ABC) (47 min)

James Randi on The View (ABC) (10 min)

Uri Geller Key Bend Examined (4 min)

Equinox: The Secrets of the Psychics (90 min)

James Randi - On Geller's Reversal (4 min)

James Randi - Psychic Investigator (145 min)

Do psychics help the police? Michael Shermer and Psychics (7 min)

Psychics respond to James Randi (9 min)

Criss Angel debunks psychics (8 min)

Michael Shermer Debunks James Van Praagh & Psychics (5 min)

Michael Shermer Firewalking Across Hot Coals (6 min)

James Randi's message to the Hungarian Skeptics (8 min)

James Randi- Million Dollar Challenge: Rosemary Hunter (26 min)

James Randi- History of the Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge (8 min)

Criss Angel exposes a 'Paranormalist' on NBC (1 min)

James Randi discusses Nostradamus and Santa Claus (8 min)

Derren Brown Debunks Astrology (8 min)

James Randi & Michael Shermer Expose Many Frauds, Quack, and Pseudoscience (many videos)

Psychics are Psychopaths: Char Margolis- Play-by-play on how psychics are frauds (24 min)


Other Science/ Philosophy

Origins - Back To The Beginning (PBS) (40 min)
Origins - Earth Is Born (PBS) (50 min)
Origins - How Life Began (PBS) (50 min)
Origins - Where Are The Aliens? (PBS) (50 min)

Info on Galaxies. Hubblecast 16 Galaxies gone wild! (9 min)

Richard Dawkins: The Lava Lizard's Tale (8 min)

Craig Venter: On the verge of creating synthetic life (TED) (35 min)

Joining 3.5 Billion Years of Microbial Invention (110 min)

Atheist-TV: Cosmic Insignificance- How truly insignificant we are (4 min)

What on Earth is Wrong With Gravity? (Horizon) (BBC) (50 min)

Walking With Monsters: Life Before Dinosaurs (Discovery) (90 min)

Walking with Dinosaurs- 6 episodes- 30 min each (BBC)

Digging Up a Dinosaur Graveyard (National Geographic) (3 min)

Cosmic Zoom- from IMAX documentary "Cosmic Voyage" (1996)

The Universe: Season 1 (The History Channel)

The Universe:The End of the Earth (45 min)

The Universe: Unexplained Mysteries (45 min)

The Universe: Mysteries of the Moon (45 Min)

The Universe: Alien Planets (45 min)

The Universe: The Search For E.T. (45 min)

The Universe: Outer Planets (45 min)

The Universe: Most Dangerous Places (45 min)

Big Bang v2.0- our of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva (4 min)

The Mark Steel Lectures - Newton (30 min)

The Human Animal - The Language of the Body (1994, Part One) (50 min)
The Human Animal - The Hunting Ape (1994, Part Two) (50 min)
The Human Animal - The Human Zoo (1994, Part Three) (50 min)
The Human Animal - The Biology Of Love (1994, Part Four) (50 min)
The Human Animal - The Immortal Genes (1994, Part Five) (50 min)
The Human Animal - Beyond Survival (1994, Part Six) (50 min)

Dust to life? - (PBS) NOVA (15 min)

Visions Of The Future (1 of 3) The Intelligence Revolution (BBC) (52 min)
Visions of the Future (2 of 3) The Biotech Revolution (BBC) (59 min)
Visions Of The Future (3 of 3) The Quantum Revolution (BBC) (59 min)

Homosexuality in Animals (5 min)

Planets and stars size in scale (1 min)

Carl Sagan- Then where did the big bang come from? (2 min)

Carl Sagan - A thousand years of darkness (10 min)

COSMOS: Travellers Tales (60 min)

COSMOS: The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean (60 min)

COSMOS: The Harmony of the Worlds (60 min)

Carolyn Porco: Fly me to the moons of Saturn (TED) (20 min)

Hod Lipson: Robots That Are "Self-aware" (TED) (8 min)

Paul Rothemund: Casting spells with DNA (TED) (6 min)

DNA - Duplication and Mutations- A Short Overview of DNA (8 min)

Understanding the Universe- In The Beginning With Alan Filippenko (30 min)

Understanding the Universe- Inflationary Universe with Alan Filippenko (30 min)

HHMI's Stem Cells - Understanding Embryonic Stem Cells (60 min)
HHMI's Stem Cells - Adult Stem Cells and Regeneration (60 min)
HHMI's Stem Cells - Coaxing Embryonic Stem Cells (58 min)
HHMI's Stem Cells - Stem Cells and the End of Aging (58 min)
HHMI's Stem Cells - Stem Cells and Bio-ethics (46 min)

Stephen Hawking's Universe - EP1:Seeing Is Believing (55 min)
Stephen Hawking's Universe - EP2: The Big Bang (55 min)
Stephen Hawking's Universe - EP3: Cosmic Alchemy (55 min)
Stephen Hawking's Universe - EP4: On The Dark Side (55 min)
Stephen Hawking's Universe - EP5: Black Holes & Beyond (55 min)
Stephen Hawking's Universe - EP6: An Answer To Everything (55 min)

Macaque Genome- Science Unveils the Genome of the Rhesus Monkey (15 min)

Large Hadron Collider - The Search For The Higgs (27 min)

Philosophy: A Guide To Happiness (Part 2) "Epicurus on Happiness"(24 min)
Philosophy: A Guide To Happiness (Part 4) "Montaigne on Self-Esteem"(24 min)
Philosophy: A Guide To Happiness (Part 6) "Nietzsche on Hardship"(24 min)

Scientific Ethical Code- 7 Codes For Scientists to Live By (2 min)

Craig Venter Interview- Led the Race to Decode the Human Genome (17 min)

Albert Einstein- Recently Released Color Footage Relaxing with Friends (3 min)

Building Gods- Artificial Intelligence (80 min)

In Its Image- Creating Artificial Intelligence (29 min)

History of the Universe Made Easy (18 min)

Planet Earth- From Pole to Pole- BBC (48 min)
Planet Earth- Mountains- BBC (47 min)
Planet Earth- Fresh Water- BBC (48 min)
Planet Earth- Caves- BBC (48 min)
Planet Earth- Deserts- BBC (48 min)
Planet Earth- Ice Worlds- BBC (48 min)
Planet Earth- Great Plains- BBC (48 min)
Planet Earth- Jungles- BBC (48 min)
Planet Earth- Seasonal Forests- BBC (48 min)
Planet Earth- Shallow Seas- BBC (48 min)
Planet Earth- Ocean Deep- BBC (48 min)

Spaceship Earth: History Channel Series- The Universe (part 6) (45 min)

Alien Galaxies: History Channel Series- The Universe (part 9) (45 min)

Big Bang Lecture- by Professor Richard Muller of the University California, Berkeley (45 min)

The Hubble Deep Field: The Most Important Image Ever Taken (7 min)



Atheism Song: Like Adam Sandler's Hannukah Song, but for nonbelievers (4 min)

Jesus Is My Friend by Sonseed (Music) (3 min)

Overman - Evolution Rocks (Music) (4 min)

Polygamist Gangsta Rap (Music) (3 min)

Funny Songs of Praise with Subtitles (1 min)

Bible Stories with Eminem (Explicit) (Music) (4 min)

WWJD The Video (Music) (3 min)

XTC-Dear God- Music Video (Music) (4 min)

God's Song (Randy Newman) - The Truth (Music) (4 min)


The PCR Song - Scientists for better PCR (2 min)

The Bastard Fairies-We're All Going To Hell (Music) (3 min)

"Fleas" by Philip Appleman and Dan Barker (4 min)

"Ain't It the Truth" by Lena Horne (Music) (5 min)

"It's Only Natural" by Dan Barker and Susan Hofer (Music) (4 min)

"Die Gedanken Sind Frei" by Dan Barker and Kristen Lems (Music) (3 min)

Keep Jesus Off My Penis (Music) (4 min)

The Bible Says - by Donnie Davies (Music) (3 min)

Evolution Rock: Intelligent Design (Music)(5 min)

Across The Internet: Too Many Creationists (Music) (4 min)

Atheist Fight Song (Music) (3 min)

Tom Lehrer - The Vatican Rag (Music) (1 min)

South Park- Compilation of Holiday Songs (Music) (10 min)

If You Open Your Mind Too Much Your Brain Will Fall Out (Music) (2 min)

Jeff Dunham Achmed's "Jingle Bombs" (Music) (5 min)

Faith rest ye mindless morons (Music) (3 min)

Intelligent Design v. Evolution (Music) (4 min)

Greydon Square- "Ascension" (Music) (6 min)

Greydon Square- "Pandora's Box" (Music) (2 min)
Greydon Square- "Addressed" (Music) (4 min)
Greydon Square- "Roots" (Music) (4 min)
Greydon Square- "Say" (Music) (4 min)
Greydon Square- "Gone" (Music) (3 min)
Greydon Square- Atheist Rap Performance (Music) (AAI 2007)

Thank God I'm an Atheist! (Music) (2 min)

A whimsical rewrite of an Xmas hymn with Atheist lyrics (Music) (3 min)

Bright Eyes- When the President Talks to God (Music) (3 min)

Letting Go Of God: The Theme Song- by Jill Sobule (Music) (4 min)

Imagine - Chet Atkins & Mark Knopfler (Music) (1987)

Imagine - John Lennon (Music) (4 min)

Perfected: The Ann Coulter Song (Music) (5 min)

Tribute To Atheist Musicians (Music) (4 min)

A Jesus Song (Music) (2 min)

***Korn - Evolution- Music Video (3 min)



Atheist Book Review- Ongoing Series

Lord Save us (from your followers) (teaser trailer) (3 min)

Campus Crusade for Christ Air Force Academy Propaganda (7 min)

"The Atheist" -- first teaser (1 min)

Thankful to be a Freethinker (4 min)

Emergence (7 min)

The Best Bar Mitzvah Speech Ever! (2 min)

The Atheist Test (5 min)

I Believe- what do atheists believe (to those who say atheists don't believe in anything) (3 min)

A quick look at the Amish (5 min)

Richard Dawkins endorses Margaret Downey (3 min)

Dogma- Is Atheism Dogmatic? (10 min)

What's good about religion? (Pat Condell) (6 min)

Atheist Officer Resigns From Military (9 min)

The Stripper's Guide to Christianity

Freethought News- Recap on recent news and events

The Gods - Robert G Ingersoll (102 min)

Did You Know 2.0 (8 min)

**I don't need god to not kill- An answer to "If there's no god, then why not kill, rape, etc" (4 min)

*1000 Years of Creationist 'Achievements' (5 min)

**Miracles and Morals - The Golden Rule- Where does morality come from? (7 min)

*Debunking Science at the Natural History Museum (4 min)

My Standard Theistic Response- How Most Atheist/Theist Discussions Play Out (3 min)

The Highway to Hell: Shine the Light of Atheism (4 min)

God Doesn't Exist? Prove It! (3 min)

Carl Sagan: "We Are One Planet"- Dangers of Nuclear Weapons (7 min)

Atheism Vs Communism- A Refresher For Those Who Can't Tell The Difference (3 min)

A Tribute to Atheism: A must-see for all theists (25 min)

Amazing Universe- Put the Our Existance Into Perspective (10 min)

Christian Embassy (13 min)

God Hates Potholes- A Call to the DMV Regarding Why "In God We Trust" is on the Lisence Plate (3 min)

See, God... (7 min)

Louis Theroux - Weird Weekends- Enlightenment - BBC (48 min)

Atheist Logos. by FightingAtheist (1 min)

Atheist Life vs Religious Life. by FightingAtheist (10 min)