Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Emergence (7 min)

Evidence of Common Ancestry: ERVs & Chromosome 2 (20 min)

Howard Hughes Medical Institute- Sexual Evolution: From X to Y- Dr. David C. Page (60 min)

Emergence of Life- Neil deGrasse Tyson (NOVA) (12 min)

TAM 2 (The Amazing Meeting) David Ewalt- "Skeptics in the Media: Making your voice heard" (17 min)

TAM 2 (The Amazing Meeting) Matthew Morgan- The Second Law of Thermodynamics (16 min)

TAM 2 (The Amazing Meeting) Dr. Michael Shermer (50 min)

Tam 2 (Amazing Meeting) Julia Sweeney- "Letting go of God" (40 min)

Richard Dawkins on purpose, design, and teleology- from "River Out of Eden: A Darwinian View of Life" (5 min)

Fox News covers Georgia praying for rain that was already forecasted (3 min)