Thursday, January 31, 2008

Top 80 Best Short Atheist Quotes About Atheism And Religion (11 min)

Creationism vs Science - who wins? (4 min)

Keith Olbermann Slams Christianity when 80 year old man returns to life (MSNBC) (1 min)

Not dead yet, Chilean man wakes up at his own wake


People Like Us - The Vicar (30 min)

Scientology orientation Film (36 min)

A Scientology orientation film which accuses the US Government of spending millions on mind control techniques and attempting to "steal" church founder L. Ron Hubbard's work has reappeared online.

Dr Michio Kaku on Religious Immortality (BBC) (3 min)

The PCR Song - Scientists for better PCR (2 min)

Beyond Belief: Carolyn Porco On Science & Religion (25 min)

The Bastard Fairies-We're All Going To Hell (Music) (3 min)

Jesus Held Hostage Over Dog Poop (2 min)

Eddie Izzard - Noah & The Flood (10 min)

Louis Theroux meets the Israeli Church of UPK (7 min)

Real Time: Religion in Politics with Bill Maher (10 min)

Scientology: Interview with Andrew Morton (7 min)

Scientology: Explaining the Tom Cruise Videotape (5 min)

The Bible Code (BBC - Horizon) (48 min)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Evolution Rock: Intelligent Design (5 min)

Neuton's gravity was invented by Satan (4 min)

BBC-Mystery Artist *BANKSY* Tags Birthplace of Jesus (3 min)

Hamas Fatah- the religion of peace (1 min)

Founding Fathers: The Dogmatisms and Dangers of Religion (5 min)

Religion, The Pyramid Game (6 min)

Literalist Christianity through an Atheist's eyes (absurdity)

A call to a conservative talkshow about Religious Tolerance (7 min)

The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society and Sexual Abuse (3 min)

Kansas State Board of Education Evolution Hearings (280 min)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Big Bang v2.0- our of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva (4 min)

Dan Abrams on Huckabee and Evolution (MSNBC) (6 min)

Huckabee: Amend Constitution to Reflect God's Standards (1 min)

The Foxhole Manifesto (Funny) (4 min)

Joy Behar on Catholic saints- People hearing voices need medication (1 min)

Do psychics help the police? Michael Shermer and Psychics (7 min)

Foobie Jesus- Stupid people see Jesus everywhere. No EVERYWHERE (7 min)

Brainwash?... The Baptist Woman of Lafayette, Louisiana (3 min)

Pat Robertson: Bush "Asking for the Wrath of God"- Standing in the way of peace (2 min)

Psychics (John Edward, Rosemary Altea, and Sylvia Browne) respond to James Randi (9 min)

Criss Angel challenges Uri Geller, again (5 min)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Phil Plait (The Amazing Meeting 2) (60 min)

Andrew Mayne (The Amazing Meeting 3) (20 min)

Penn & Teller (The Amazing Meeting 3) (70 min)

Michael Shermer (The Amazing Meeting 3) (50 min)

Christopher Hitchens (The Amazing Meeting 3) (20 min)

Richard Dawkins on The Late Edition with Marcus Brigstocke (Channel 4) (10/18/07) (7 min)

Jesus Lectures Pat Robertson (5 min)

Human Evolution Made Easy (10 min)

The Entire "Made Easy" Series

The Mark Steel Lectures - Newton (30 min)

God Knows Absolutely Everything (4 min)

Bill Maher Interview on Conan (NBC) (10 min)

Paul Hill Days: the Celebration by Believers of the Murder of a Doctor (8 min)

Pat Robertson Discusses His Message From God on Hannity and Colmes (Fox) (6 min)

Pakistan: Girls of the Red Mosque (13 min)

Muslim Father Kills Two Daughters in the USA (CBS) (2 min)

The Damned - Who's Who in Hell? (4 min)

Sam Harris- Keeping Religion Out of Public Policy (NPR) (30 min)

Keeping Religion Out of Public Policy

We'd be better off without Religion- Hitchens, Dawkins and philosopher A.C. Grayling Debate

We'd be better off without Religion (Part 1)

We'd be better off without Religion (Part 2)

Der Digitale Planet (lecture) featuring Douglas Adams, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Jared Diamond and Steven Pinker. (200 min)

Der Digitale Planet (lecture) featuring Douglas Adams, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Jared Diamond and Steven Pinker. (Introduction is in german, first minutes only)

Lord Save us (from your followers) (teaser trailer) (3 min)

Tom Lehrer - The Vatican Rag (1 min)

Radical Christian Missionaries in Iraq (9 min)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Muslim Teddy Bear (5 min)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Criss Angel debunks psychics (8 min)

Interviews with Criss Angel, Penn Jillette, and James Randi (10 min)

Top Fifty Atheist T-Shirt/Bumper Sticker Aphorisms:

Top Fifty Atheist T-Shirt/Bumper Sticker Aphorisms:

1. Abstinence Makes the Church Grow Fondlers.

2. Honk If Your Religious Beliefs Make You An Asshole.

3. Intelligent Design Makes My Monkey Cry.

4. Too Stupid to Understand Science? Try Religion.

5. There's A REASON Why Atheists Don't Fly Planes Into Buildings.

6. "Worship Me or I Will Torture You Forever. Have a Nice Day." --God.

7. God Doesn¹t Kill People. People Who Believe in God Kill People.

8. If There is No God, Then What Makes the Next Kleenex Pop Up?

9. He's Dead. It's Been 2,000 years. He's Not Coming Back. Get OVER It Already!

10. All religion is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry. --Edgar Allen Poe.

11. Viva La EvoluciĆ³n!

12. Actually, If You Look It Up, The Winter Solstice Is The Reason For The Season.

13. I Wouldn¹t Trust Your God Even If He Did Exist.

14. Cheeses Is Lard. Argue With THAT If You Can.

15. People Who Don't Want Their Beliefs Laughed at Shouldn't Have Such Funny Beliefs.

16. Jesus is Coming? Don¹t Swallow That.

17. Threatening Children With Hell Is FUN!


19. Jesus Told Me Republicans SUCK.

20. God + Whacky Tobacky = Platypus

21. God Doesn't Exist. So, I Guess That Means No One Loves You.

22. When the Rapture Comes ­ We'll Get Our Country Back!

23. Q. How Do We Know the Holy Ghost Was Catholic?
A. He Used the Rhythm Method Instead of a Condom.

24. You Say "Heretic" Like It Was a BAD Thing.

25. I Love Christians. They Taste Like Chicken.

26. Science: It Works, Bitches.

27. "Intelligent Design" -- Helping Stupid People Feel Smart Since 1987.

28. I Found God Between The Sheets.

29. I Gave Up Superstitious Mumbo Jumbo For Lent.

30. My Flying Monkey Can Beat Up Your Guardian Angel.

31. Every Time You Play With Yourself, God Kills a Kitten.

32. If God Wanted People to Believe in Him, Then Why Did He Invent Logic?

33. Praying Is Politically Correct Schizophrenia.

34. ALL Americans Are African Americans.

35. I Forget - Which Day Did God Make All The Fossils?

36. I Was An Atheist Until The Hindus Convinced Me That I Was God.

37. The Spanish Inquisition: The Original Faith-based Initiative

38. If We Were Made In His Image, Then Why Aren¹t Humans Invisible Too?

39. JESUS SAVES....You From Thinking For Yourself.

40. How Can You Disbelieve in Evolution If You Can't Even Define It?

41. Q. How Can You Tell That Your God is Man-made?
A. If He Hates All the Same People You Do.

42. Every Time You See a Rainbow, God is Having Gay Sex.

43. I Went to Public School in Kansas and All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt and a Poor Understanding of the Scientific Method.

44. WWJD = We Won. Jesus Died.

45. The Family That Prays Together is Brainwashing the Children.

46. Oh, Look, Honey Another Pro-lifer For War.

47. Another Godless Atheist for Peace and World Harmony

48. God is Unavailable Right Now. Can I Help You?

49. When Lip Service to Some Mysterious Deity Permits Bestiality on Wednesday and Absolution on Sundays.Cash Me Out. --Frank Sinatra

50. No Gods. No Mullets.


51: Atheism is a Non-Prophet Organization

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Doomsday Code (Channel 4) (100 min)

God's Next Army (Channel 4) (56 min)

Eddie Izzard - Easter and Christmas (3 min)

South Park- Compilation of Holiday Songs (Music) (10 min)

Carolyn Jessop on her Escape from the FLDS (FORAtv) (40 min)

Evangelicals and the Middle East (FORAtv) (72 min)

Session 2: Evangelicals and Foreign Policy Today (FORAtv) (75 min)

Evangelicals in Foreign Policy (FORAtv) (70 min)

The Human Animal - Six Part Series (1994) (50 min)

The Human Animal - The Language of the Body (1994, Part One) (50 min)

The Human Animal - The Hunting Ape (1994, Part Two) (50 min)

The Human Animal - The Human Zoo (1994, Part Three) (50 min)

The Human Animal - The Biology Of Love (1994, Part Four) (50 min)

The Human Animal - The Immortal Genes (1994, Part Five) (50 min)

The Human Animal - Beyond Survival (1994, Part Six) (50 min)

If You Open Your Mind Too Much Your Brain Will Fall Out (Music) (2 min)

Dust to life? - (PBS) NOVA (15 min)

Are scientists on the verge of making living things from little more than dust?

Watch at NOVA scienceNOW

Mr. Bean Nativity Scene - Merry Christmas Mr. Bean (3 min)

Chasers war on everything: Evangelicals (5 min)

Ali G - Christmas Confusion (10 min)

The Hidden Story of Jesus (Channel 4) (100 min)

Jeff Dunham Achmed's "Jingle Bombs" (5 min)

Watching Desmond Morris (2007) (BBC) (60 min)

QI - Origin of Christmas- Christianity and Mithras (BBC) (3 min)

The Story of God: Buddhism (10 min)

The Story of God: Hinduism (14 min)

Paulie Vs The Bible (3 min)

Visions Of The Future (3 of 3) The Quantum Revolution (BBC) (59 min)

Visions of the Future (2 of 3) The Biotech Revolution (BBC) (59 min)

Visions Of The Future (1 of 3) The Intelligence Revolution (BBC) (52 min)

Ron Paul: Revolution - Evolution is Just R(epublican) (

Huckabee spot reminds Ron Paul of fascism prediction (2 min)

Evolutionary History of Religion by Douglas Adams (4 min)

The Origin of God - Douglas Adams (4 min)

Campus Crusade for Christ Air Force Academy Propaganda (7 min)

Christopher Hitchens: Bah, Humbug on Christmas (3 min)

Hajj pilgrims stone the 'devil' - 19 Dec 07 (3 min)

CBC-TV: Doc Zone - The Pagan Christ (45 min)

Christian Scare Tactics Invade Health Class (NBC) (3 min)

Make Me A Muslim - Episode 3 (Channel 4) (50 min)

Make Me A Muslim - Episode 2 (Chanel 4) (50 min)

Make Me A Muslim - Episode 1 (Channel 4) (50 min)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Faith Factor: Religion & and the Republican Candidates (Fox) (4 min)

The Theory of Evolution Made Easy (10 min)

The Entire "Made Easy" Series

Natural Selection Made Easy (10 min)

The Entire "Made Easy" Series

Dan Rather Reports- A panel discussion with legal scholars about how the Constitution governs the balance of religion and government in American life

Bill O'Reilly, Tony Snow on religion and the 2008 election (Fox) (7 min)

Louis Theroux - Televangelists (BBC) (48 min)

Walters surprised at religious White House Christmas card (2 min)

Worst Person Featuring Tony Perkins, Family Research Council (MSNBC) (2 min)

Bill O'Reilly responds to the Atheist Little Girl (Fox) (5 min)

American Fascists, Chris Hedges on The Hour (CBC) (10 min)

So You Say Women are Never Forced to Wear Hijab? (1 min)

Dr. J. Craig Venter- The Richard Dimbleby Lecture 2007- A DNA-Driven World (44 min)

Christopher Hitchens on Mitt Romney & Christmas (12/5/07) (8 min)

The Body In Question- Jonathan Miller's 13-part series on the human body and the history of medicine (1978)

CBC News: Sunday - Richard Dawkins (15 min)

Jonathan Miller discussing Evolution - Dick Cavett Show 1986 (4 min)

Jonathan Miller on the Dick Cavett Show 1980 #5 (30 min)

Jonathan Miller on the Dick Cavett Show 1980 #4 (30 min)

Jonathan Miller on the Dick Cavett Show 1980 #3 (30 min)

Jonathan Miller on the Dick Cavett Show 1980 #2 (30 min)

Jonathan Miller on the Dick Cavett Show 1980 (30 min)

The Big Questions - Religion Debate with Dawkins, Lord Carey, Widdecombe, and Bartley (11/25/07) (BBC)

Heart Of The Matter: God Under The Microscope (BBC) (40 min)

Richard Dawkins on 'Have Your Say' (BBC) (55 min)

Dispatches: Holy Offensive (50 min)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Emergence (7 min)

Evidence of Common Ancestry: ERVs & Chromosome 2 (20 min)

Howard Hughes Medical Institute- Sexual Evolution: From X to Y- Dr. David C. Page (60 min)

Emergence of Life- Neil deGrasse Tyson (NOVA) (12 min)

TAM 2 (The Amazing Meeting) David Ewalt- "Skeptics in the Media: Making your voice heard" (17 min)

TAM 2 (The Amazing Meeting) Matthew Morgan- The Second Law of Thermodynamics (16 min)

TAM 2 (The Amazing Meeting) Dr. Michael Shermer (50 min)

Tam 2 (Amazing Meeting) Julia Sweeney- "Letting go of God" (40 min)

Richard Dawkins on purpose, design, and teleology- from "River Out of Eden: A Darwinian View of Life" (5 min)

Fox News covers Georgia praying for rain that was already forecasted (3 min)