Monday, August 13, 2007

Atheist Walking (7.5 min)

Atheist Life vs Religious Life. by FightingAtheist (10 min)

Atheist Logos. by FightingAtheist (1 min)

God Does Not Exist. by FightingAtheist (5 min)

Miracles and Freewill. by FightingAtheist (4 min)

Questions for God. by FightingAtheist (1.5 min)

Confessions of a Former Christian. by FightingAtheist (5 min)

Holy Books? by FightingAtheist (5 min)

Jesus Did Exist! by FightingAtheist (7 min)

Atheist Guide to Refuting Moderate Christians (11 min)

American Atheists Updates (5 min each)

Theist Logical Falacies- a brief overview of 22 common logical falacies (9 min)

Louis Theroux - Weird Weekends- Enlightenment - BBC (48 min)

See, God... (7 min)

God Hates Potholes- A Call to the DMV Regarding Why "In God We Trust" is on the Lisence Plate (3 min)

Christian Embassy (13 min)

Amazing Universe- Put the Our Existance Into Perspective (10 min)

A Tribute to Atheism: A must-see for all theists (25 min)

Atheism Vs Communism- A Refresher For Those Who Can't Tell The Difference (3 min)

Carl Sagan: "We Are One Planet"- Dangers of Nuclear Weapons (7 min)

Proving the Power of Prayer (3 min)

Jesus Protects Us From Being Poisoned (4 min)

God: Terrorist of Love (2 min)

God Doesn't Exist? Prove It! (3 min)

The Highway to Hell: Shine the Light of Atheism (4 min)

My Standard Theistic Response- How Most Atheist/Theist Discussions Play Out (3 min)

Debunking Science at the Natural History Museum (4 min)

Miracles and Morals - The Golden Rule- Where does morality come from? (7 min)

1000 Years of Creationist 'Achievements' (5 min)

I don't need god to not kill- An answer to "If there's no god, then why not kill, rape, etc" (4 min)

Korn - Evolution- Music Video (3 min)

The Hubble Deep Field: The Most Important Image Ever Taken (7 min)

Big Bang Lecture- by Professor Richard Muller of the University California, Berkeley (2006) (45 min)

Alien Galaxies: History Channel Series- The Universe (part 9) (45 min)

Spaceship Earth: History Channel Series- The Universe (part 6) (45 min)

Planet Earth- Ocean Deep- BBC (48 min)

Planet Earth- Shallow Seas- BBC (48 min)

Planet Earth- Seasonal Forests- BBC (48 min)

Planet Earth- Jungles- BBC (48 min)

Planet Earth- Great Plains- BBC (48 min)

Planet Earth- Ice Worlds- BBC (48 min)

Planet Earth- Deserts- BBC (48 min)

Planet Earth- Caves- BBC (48 min)

Planet Earth- Fresh Water- BBC (48 min)

Planet Earth- Mountains- BBC (47 min)

Planet Earth- From Pole to Pole- BBC (48 min)

History of the Universe Made Easy (18 min)

Building Gods- Artificial Intelligence (80 min)

Albert Einstein- Recently Released Color Footage Relaxing with Friends (3 min)

Craig Venter Interview- Led the Race to Decode the Human Genome (9/10/07) (17 min)

Scientific Ethical Code- 7 Codes For Scientists to Live By (2 min)

Philosophy: A Guide To Happiness (Part 6) "Nietzsche on Hardship"(24 min)

Philosophy: A Guide To Happiness (Part 2) "Epicurus on Happiness"(24 min)

Large Hadron Collider - The Search For The Higgs (27 min)

Macaque Genome- Science Unveils the Genome of the Rhesus Monkey (4/13/07) (15 min)

Stephen Hawking's Universe - EP6: An Answer To Everything (55 min)

Stephen Hawking's Universe - EP5: Black Holes & Beyond (55 min)

Stephen Hawking's Universe - EP4: On The Dark Side (55 min)

Stephen Hawking's Universe - EP3: Cosmic Alchemy (55 min)

Stephen Hawking's Universe - EP2: The Big Bang (55 min)

Stephen Hawking's Universe - EP1: Seeing Is Believing (55 min)

HHMI's Stem Cells - Stem Cells and Bio-ethics (46 min)

HHMI's Stem Cells - Stem Cells and the End of Aging (58 min)

HHMI's Stem Cells - Coaxing Embryonic Stem Cells (58 min)

HHMI's Stem Cells - Adult Stem Cells and Regeneration (60 min)

HHMI's Stem Cells - Understanding Embryonic Stem Cells (60 min)

Understanding the Universe- Inflationary Universe with Alan Filippenko (30 min)

Understanding the Universe- In The Beginning With Alan Filippenko (30 min)

DNA - Duplication and Mutations- A Short Overview of DNA (8 min)

Psychics are Psychopaths: Char Margolis- Play-by-play on how psychics are frauds (24 min)

James Randi & Michael Shermer Expose Many Frauds, Quack, and Pseudoscience (many videos)

Derren Brown Debunks Astrology (8 min)

Scientology: Inside the Church of Scientology (25 min)

Scientology Crazy Followers (10 min)

Fallacy In The Mormon Church (25 min)

The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon (66 min)

The Origins of the Koran and Islam (8 min)

Allah Allows Men To Use Slave Girls As Young As 6 For Explicit Purposes (6 min)

Chilling Islamic Demonstration Over Cartoons (2/3/06) (11 min)

Killing of Non-Muslims is Legitimate (British Mullah) (4 min)

The Consequence of Muhammad Being a Pedophile (5 min)

Islamic Science - 9th-12th Century (3 min)

Repetitions of Quran Lies (47 min)

The Trouble With Islam (5 min)

Al-Jazeera- How Many Jews Did Mama Kill? (3/8/07) (3 min)

Radical Islam: Why We Want to Kill You (16 min)

Muslim Mickey Mouse: I Love Death and Mayhem! (39 min)

Islam Allows Prayers for the Annihilation of Christians (5/24/04) (2 min)

Many You Tube Videos On Islam From InvestigateIslam and Ritter1001

Divorce Iranian Style (7/28/07) (76 min)

Discover Islam- The Religion of Peace? (1 min)

X-Rated Islamic Heaven (8 min)

Glenn Beck: Islam- The Extremist Agenda (33 min)

Wafa Sultan on the Mohammed Cartoons (9 min)

Shia Chain Beating to Commemorate the "Martyrdom" of Imam Hussein (1 min)

This World: Inside a Shari'ah Court- Ruhi Hamid (BBC 2)- What if Islamic Law ruled the land? (50 min)

Panorama: How I Became a Muslim Extremist (BBC 1) (10/1/07) (30 min)

Prophecies: Don't Use the Bible to Prove the Bible (10.5 min)

Atheist on the Bible- Part 1: Original Sin & God's Plan (5 min), Part 2: Moses (10 min)

Noah's Ark and other Bible Nonsense - Nick Gisburne (76 min)

Creation Museum Grand Opening on Bill O'Reillys Show (28-May-07) (5 min)

Creationist Museum (6 min)

Possible Origins of Christianity? (43 min)

Religious Litter at the Texas State Capitol (aka The Ten Commandments) (5 min)

10 Questions That Every Intelligent Christian Must Answer (11 min)

Top Ten Signs You're a Fundamentalist Christian (2 min)

The God Awful Truth - Trailer (2 min)

Are Gospels Evidence For Jesus? One Man's Examination of the Facts (20 min)

Rapture Ready: The Christians United for Israel Tour (10 min)

Church Bans Baby Yoga Group- Who Knew Satan Was Into Yoga? (3 min)

Does Jesus Fullfill the Old Testament? (15 min)

Harry Potter & Wicca One in the Same? (10 min)

Why Do People Laugh at Creationists? (Many parts)

Christianity Bulshit Exposed (16 min)

Christianity and Islam (Dumb and Dumber)(5 min)

Proving That the Bible is Repulsive (10 min)