Monday, December 10, 2007

Micro vs. Macro Evolution- you can't believe in one without the other (5 min)

Steven Pinker: A brief history of violence (TED) (21 min)

Proving the Leprechaun- Theists' best argument applies to anything! (1 min)

Ministry on the Street - Pastor CJ - Way of the Banana (3 min)

What's wrong with religion? (3 min)

God and the Hitler Oath (1 min)

Salman Rushdie interview with Bill O'Reilly (4 min)

Salman Rushdie Lecture (8 min)

Salman Rushdie Interview on KBPS (10-13-05) (9 min)

Thank God I'm an Atheist! (Music) (2 min)

Lori Lipman Brown on Bill O'Reilly (12/7/07) Fox) (6 min)