Thursday, August 30, 2007

Review- Jesus Camp


Here is a high quality documentary about the evangelical movement in America. It focuses on several families, a "Jesus Camp" in Devil's Lake (ironic?), North Dakota, and the megachurches of Colorado Springs. The movie makes it clear that there is a major movement afoot in America that would fight to the death to make Christianity the official religion of this country. These people (including the president) do NOT respect the separation of church and state. They make many, many political statements and pressure their congregations to vote in certain ways, despite being tax-exempt organizations which are prohibited from doing so. All religious institutions should lose its tax-exempt status, because they have abandoned their non-partisanship.

I found it amusing that Ted Haggard is in this video, espousing again the evils of homosexuality. How ironic given the recent events that came to light that he hired a male prostitute for sex and used methamphetamine. How would these fundamentalists feel if Muslims became organized and began aggressively infiltrating the government and schools? How hypocritical are all of these people.