Monday, August 6, 2007

Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks with the Agnostic John Humphrys (BBC Radio 4) (5 min)

Sir Jonathan Wolfe Miller with Kirsty Wark (28 min)

Christopher Hitchens- The Hour (BBC) (12 min)

Christopher Hitchens with Lou Dobbs (6.5 min)

Christopher Hitchens- Interview (7min)

Christopher Hitchens- with Sir David Frost on "Frost Over The World" (AlJazeera) (11 min)

Christopher Hitchens- with Sean Hannity on "Hannity's Hot Seat" (5 min)

Christopher Hitchens- In Depth (C-SPAN2) (175 min)

Christopher Hitchens on The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe (10 min)

Christopher Hitchens with Dennis Miller (9/18/2007) (10 min)

Christopher Hitchens with Charlie Rose- On "god Is Not Great" (5/4/07) (30 min)

Christopher Hitchens with Charlie Rose- "Thomas Jefferson: Author of America (7/15/05) (20 min)

Christopher Hitchens with Charlie Rose- "The Passion of The Christ" (2/25/04)

Christopher Hitchens with Charlie Rose and Charlie Alterman- on Iraq War (6/6/03) (30 min)

Kathy Griffin on Larry King- Emmy Censorship Over Her Jesus Comment (21 min)

Richard Dawkins on Alan Colmes Fox Radio Show (24 min)

Christopher Hitchens - "The Morals of an Atheist" on Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson (21 min)

Christopher Hitchens with BBC's Simon Mayo-"God Is Not Great" (6/18/2007) (35 min)

Christopher Hitchens on NPR Talk of the Nation- Islam in Britain after 7/7 (7/3/07) (16 min)

Christopher Hitchens on Hugh Hewitt- The Path to 9/11- Thomas Jefferson, Bush, Clinton, etc (9/13/06) (19 min)

Christopher Hitchens Talks Iraq, Iran, and Mother Teresa on Hugh Hewitt Show (8/29/07) (10 min)

Daniel Dennett Interviewed by Michio Kaku on "Explorations" (23 min)

**Sam Harris with Russell Wetanson- "Letter to a Christian Nation" & "The End of Faith" (4 min)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Interviewed On Swedish Television- Is Islam a religion of peace? (9 min)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Interviewed On Channel 4 (4 min)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on HardTalk (BBC) (10 min)

eBay Atheist Talks About Visiting Churches- Off the Map (10 min)

Kent Hovind vs Michael Shermer (126 min)

Kent Hovind vs 3 Scientists (140 min)

Nightline Debate- Rational Response Squad vs Kirk Cameron & Ray Comfort

Christopher Hitchens Discussion of Rushdie- Question Time (BBC) (42 in)

Christopher Hitchens vs Al Sharpton Debate (90 min)

Christopher Hitchens vs Al Sharpton- MSNBC- Hardball- (41 min)

Christopher Hitchens vs George Galloway - On the Iraq War

Christopher Hitchens (atheist) vs Edd Doerr (humanist) (40 min)

Christopher Hitchens vs Religion + Q&A (43 min)

Full Video Here:

Christopher Hitchens vs Olasky- Religion and Politics, The Future Forum (5/14/2007) (74 min)

Dan Barker & Richard Carrier vs Br. Hassanain Rajabali & Michael Corey- "Does God Not Exist?" (196 min)

Michael Newdow vs David McIntosh- "Religion in the Public Square" (80 min)

Sam Harris vs Chris Hedges- "Religion, Politics and the End of the World" (90 min)

Shabir Ally vs Tony Costa- Jesus in Christianity and Islam (127 min)

Rabbi Meir Kahane vs Alan Dershowitz- Judaism vs Democracy (03/25/1985) (120 min)

Concept of God in Christianity and Islam

Evolution vs Creationism Debate (80 min)

Mary Kay Radford & James Mach vs Walter Martin- Bahai vs Christianity (23 min)

Religion Panel - Do Atheists Lack "Spiritual Values?" (105 min)

Christopher Hitchens vs David Allen White on Hugh Hewitt Show (65 min)

Christopher Hitchens vs Mark Roberts- The Great God Debate- on Hugh Hewitt (100 min)

Life After Death? A Debate between Christians and Non-Christians on John Ankenberg Show (130 min)

God in Politics - World Economic Forum- Filmed in 2004 at the 'Davos Annual Meeting' (72 min)

Atheism Tapes 6 - Daniel Dennett

Atheism Tapes 5- Denys Turner

Atheism Tapes 4 - Richard Dawkins

Atheism Tapes 3 - Arthur Miller

Atheism Tapes 2 - Steven Weinberg

Madalyn Murray-O'Hair Short Film (25 min)

The Atheism Tapes- Colin McGinn

The Root of All Evil? The God Delusion & The Virus of Faith

Keith Allen Meets Phelps Family (of God Hates Fags), and Drops a Bombshell (48 min)

A War on Science- BBC- Intelligent Design vs Evolution in the classroom (50 min)

Dispatches - Unholy War (48 min)

Dispatches - Undercover Mosque (48 min)

Dispatches - Jihad TV (46 min)

Scientology and Me- Panorama (BBC) (29 min)

Scientology: Inside the Church of Scientology (25 min)

Jesus Camp

God's Warriors- Christian- Christiane Amanpour (CNN) (90 min)

The Enemies of Reason- Richard Dawkins

Who's Afraid of Islam- Mark Little- Animo Television

The Rape of Nanking (77 min)

Blaming the Jews - Hate in Islamic Culture (38 min)

Undercover as a Muslim in Europe (28 min)

Jihad: Slaughter of the Innocents - Beslan (Беслан) (50 min)

The God Awful Truth- An Ongoing Series Looking At Christianity's Past (25 parts)

Who Wrote the Bible? Robert Beckford- How the Bible Came Into Being (100 min)

The Protestant Revolution

Secular Believers - What Do Non-Religious People Believe? Dawkins, etc (BBC)(60 min)

God's Business- "Hinduism Goes Global"- A Regional Hindu Sect Goes Global (22 min)

Do You Believe in Miracles? Benny Hinn- Fifth Estate (41 min)

Bullshit - "End of the World"- Penn & Teller (Showtime) (9 min)

Bullshit- Penn & Teller- "The Bible is Bullshit" (Showtime) (10 min)

An Atheist Among Christians- 30 days- FX

The God Who Wasn't There

This is just a clip of the documentary

God's Business: Islam in Israel - Al Jazeera

Hillbilly Atheist presentation on Atheism

Atheist Answers Common Religious Questions (35 min)