Friday, February 1, 2008

Michael Shermer at FSGP (85 min)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Geert Wilders's new anti-Muslim film with Larua Ingraham (Fox) (6 min)

For The Bible Tells Me So - New Trailer (3 min)

Life: a gene-centric- Craig Venter & Richard Dawkins (5 min)


Walking With Monsters: Life Before Dinosaurs (Discovery) (90 min)

Walking with Dinosaurs- 6 episodes- 30 min each (BBC)

How Evolution Happens in 5 min (5 min)

Geert Wilders Speaks: Anti-Koran Film (Fox) (16 min)

James Randi - On Geller's Reversal (4 min)

Isaac Newton: The Dark Heretic - BBC (60 min)