Monday, August 11, 2008

Richard Dawkins on Talk Back Radio Ulster with William Crawley (8/5/08) (25 min)

Why Do You Believe In God? The Bible is immoral (11 min)

When Child Killers Go Free In America: If It's Religion! (5 min)

The Genius of Charles Darwin (48 min)

Christian Preacher vs. Muslim Woman (1 min)

John Ross, The Christian (6 min)

John Ross at the Hollywood Improv

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Muslim Women Are The Key (CNN) (13 min)

PBS Nova: The Bible's Buried Secrets (Trailer) (PBS) (4 min)

The Coexist Comedy Tour-

Religulous Trailer and Clips- In Theaters 10/3/08

Religulous: Bill Maher Talks to Jesus

Religulous: Low IQ Senator Doesn't Believe in Evolution

Religulous: Bill Maher Goes to a Burka Store