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Dan Barker vs. Mark Chavalas- The Bible: Fact or Fiction (125 min)

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Pledge of Allegiance Blues- Review

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Pledge of Allegiance Blues- 72 min

The movies starts off with a song by Michael Newdow, the protagonist of the film. Now, Newdow may be a talented Physician and Attorney, but... let's just say I won't be running out to buy his CD anytime soon. Newdow tells the tale of how the originally secular Pledge of Allegiance had the words, "under god" inserted in 1954 by Congress (under the prodding of the Knights of Columbus) during a fit of McCarthyism. When Dr. Newdow's daughtre was compelled to recite the new and "improved" pledge in public school, he decided to sue the school and Congress to have "under god" removed. He argued his case all the way to the US Supreme court.... More on that later.

There is a great interview with Alan Dershowitz, professor of lay at Harvard, where he gives a great primer on how the freamers of the Constitution really felt about religion back in 1776. He details how many, including Thomas Jefferson, despised religion. Other historians also chime in to give a brief history of the pledge and how it was changed.

Sandy Rios (of Concerned Women for America) makes an apperance and shows her extreme ignorance during her interview and clips from her radio show. In one clip, she comments how "great it is that, for now, Terri Schiavo is receiving food and water...." She totally mispronounces Terri's name, passing her own values on this woman that she has never met, and can't even pronounce her name correctly. The hypocrisy was palpable.

The movie then moves from the Pledge of Allegiance to other recent Church/State collisions. We are shown a rally by Christian activists, who have apparently made a hobby out of total disregard for the Constitution, in front of a courthouse where Judge Roy Moore decided to display a 10-Commandments monument. After this, the program moves to an interview with Larry Flynt, the publisher of Hustler magazine, who has been in and out of the courts to defend the 1st Ammendment. Then it's off to an interviw with an atheist in San Fransisco, who has a fabulously bizarre hairdo for an otherwise normal-looking guy, who sued over a giant concrete cross on public property (Mt. Davidson).

Then we catch up with Newdow again with his Pledge case at the Supreme Court. Of course, there are more singing, praying, sign-holding Christian nuts outside (don't these people have jobs?). Well, in the end, Newdow has his case thrown out on the grounds that he did not have standing to bring the lawsuit, as he does not have custody of his daughter, who he was filing on behalf of. He has since refiled his case on behalf of other parents, and is working his way through the courts again.

Alan Dershowitz leaves us with some discouraging opinions about Newdow's quest, and a grim outlook of the final result. Saying that this is the wrong time and the wrong court to bring this case to, Dershowits says that if Newdow loses the case that it will set a dangerous precident that will lower the wall of separation between church and state. And even if he wins, he will ultimately lose because Dershowitz sees a constitutional amendment as the inevitable next step by a nation hell-bent on keeping god and government intertwined.

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Stephen Colbert Interviews Richard Dawkins (Comedy Central) (9 min)

Sam Harris on the Colbert Report (Comedy Central) (7 min)

'Imagine No Religion' billboards cause controversy in Valley (ABC) (2 min)

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Atheist Products!

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Jesus makes an appearance on a Moth (CNN) (2 min)

Looks more like Satan to me. Note the horns above the head, the long, pointed beard, and the black demonic wings spread wide. Why CNN continues to report on this crap confounds me.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Muslim Women Are The Key (13 min)

Faith Healing Discussion w/ James Randi (40 min)

James Randi on Midday Australia (11 min)

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Intelligence Contest: Humans vs. Chimps... Chimps win! (ABC) (2 min)

Sir David Attenborough on God, Darwin and Evoulution (5 min)

Religion Advertisement (2 min)

The Girl With Eight Limbs (National Geographic) (4 min)

Hector Avalos: How Archaeology Killed Biblical History (38 min)

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Richard Dawkins on Talk Back Radio Ulster with William Crawley (8/5/08) (25 min)

Why Do You Believe In God? The Bible is immoral (11 min)

When Child Killers Go Free In America: If It's Religion! (5 min)

The Genius of Charles Darwin (48 min)

Christian Preacher vs. Muslim Woman (1 min)

John Ross, The Christian (6 min)

John Ross at the Hollywood Improv

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Muslim Women Are The Key (CNN) (13 min)

PBS Nova: The Bible's Buried Secrets (Trailer) (PBS) (4 min)

The Coexist Comedy Tour-

Religulous Trailer and Clips- In Theaters 10/3/08

Religulous: Bill Maher Talks to Jesus

Religulous: Low IQ Senator Doesn't Believe in Evolution

Religulous: Bill Maher Goes to a Burka Store

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David Cross- Atheist in Atlanta (10 min)

William Lane Craig vs. John Shook- "Does a God Exist" (70 min)

Would they die, for the lie, of a suicidal guy? (5 min)

Pledge of Allegiance Blues DVD

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Pledge of Allegiance Blues

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"The Pledge of Allegiance Blues documents the journey of Rev. Dr. Michael Newdow, the blues-singing California physician and his battle to protect the separation between church and state, a battle that took him all the way to the United States Supreme Court where he defended the landmark “under God” lawsuit. From the controversy over the Ten Commandments monument in the Alabama State Courthouse to a historical analysis about the intertwining of religion and government in American history, Pledge of Allegiance Blues is a smart and funny examination of the often tense relationship between church and state. With toe-tapping musical numbers by Newdow, a cast of characters including attorney Alan Dershowitz, publisher Larry Flynt, and radio talk-show host Sandy Rios, this critically acclaimed documentary provides a contemporary and provocative look at one man’s campaign to defend his constitutional rights."

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Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers Discussion (90 min)

Richard Dawkins on Al Jazeera (11 min)

Dinesh D'Souza on Al Jazeera (13 min)

Louise Leakey: Digging for humanity's origins (16 min)

Conversations with History: Christopher Hitchens (58 min)

Richard Dawkins Interviewed by Allan Gregg (8 min)

The Qur'an (Channel 4) (142 min)

A.J. Jacobs: My year of living biblically (TED) (18 min)

Sam Harris vs. Hugh Hewitt (12 min)

Newsnight: Saudi Schools in the UK teach religious bigotry (9 min)

The Big Question - How Did Life Begin (Discovery) (23 min)

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Hello everyone,

Obviously I have not been posting as much as I have in the past. I'm taking a little break so that I can finish reading some books that have been on the back burner. Please feel free to check the archives as there are over 1300 videos there. For newer videos in the meantime, please check out , which is where I have found a lot of my recent posts. Thanks for looking!

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Escaping God's Closet: Revelations of a Queer Priest (30 min)

Creation Science Made Easy (10 min)

The entire "Made Easy" series

Leader of Doomsday Cult charged with Sex Crimes (5 min)

The Lord's Boot Camp (48 hours) (CBS) (43 min)

Monty Python: Comfy Chair Inquisition Sketch (2 min)

"Preaching" Kids (20 min)

Richard Dawkins on Studio 4 in Vancouver (30 min)

Father Ted: Dougal schools the Bishop (2 min)

The Neanderthal Debate (Telegraph TV) (10 min)

Dinesh D'Souza vs Peter Singer (105 min)

Stephen Colbert: Separation of Church and Plate (5 min)

Susan Jacoby- The Age of American Unreason (Book TV) (60 min)

Dinesh D'Souza vs. Dan Barker (130 min)

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Google Reader

I just realized recently that Google Reader was not capturing my posts at all, and possibly other readers as well. I believe I have corrected the problem. Hopefully this will help everyone.

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