Friday, December 21, 2007

Salvation mountain (4 min)

Margaret Downey on Fox & Friends (Fox) (4 min)

Pope Benedict's Shortcut Through Purgatory (2 min)

Religion, Politics, and the 2008 Election (FORAtv) (100 min)

The Best Bar Mitzvah Speech Ever! (2 min)

The Separation of Church and State- by John F. Kennedy (1 min)

Army Specialist Threatened: Murder for being Atheist (Freethought Radio) (15 min)

Father Johnathan Morris on The Golden Compass (Fox) (3 min)

FOX on The Golden Compass (4 min)

Olbermann Dissects Romney's Mormon Speech (6 min)

Thomas Paine: Champion of Freedom and Reason

Worst Person in the World: Theocracy/Mike Huckabee (MSNBC) (2 min)

Faith rest ye mindless morons (Music) (3 min)

"Bible Stories Your Parents Never Taught You"- Mike Earl (Book Reading)

Jihad: Christian Priest Burned to Death in Nigeria (3 min)

Westboro Chruch Press Release (1 min)